An incident that sounded more like  fiction than a true story occurred recently in Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area when it was reported that a young woman of 26 years old died and later came back to life after some hours.


The incident which was reported to have taken place at N0. 175 Odozi Street, Agbor, caused a stir among residents of the area and the entire neighbourhood, who were said to have expressed surprise at the happening, which many agreed was not a usual occurrence.


In an interview with Ika Weekly, the father of Juliet, the lady at the centre of the ?drama?, Mr. Matthew Ugboh, said ?my daughter became ill in September, 2007, three months after the delivery of her baby. Initially we thought it was a minor sickness only to realize later that it was more serious than we imagined?.


Mr. Ugboh who hails from Oza-Nogogo in the same local government area, and works as a civil servant stated that the family had to take her to the Central Hospital, Agbor, where it was confirmed that she was poisoned. ?It was at that point that we started taking her from church, to church to seek for spiritual healing. We spent almost all the money we had in our search for solution. It degenerated to the point that my daughter and her baby became sick.


?At a time I got fed up with the whole situation that I had to ask God to take either of them, to at least relieve us from the pains and burdens. My daughter?s leg became swollen, to the extent that she could no longer walk, eat, nor talk. My sister, it was really devastating? he said.


Continuing, Mr. Ugboh explained that on the 12th of May 2009, his daughter?s condition became worse that he had to resign himself to fate. He said that he however ran to St. Joseph?s Catholic Church, where his family fellowship to see Rev. Fr. Mordi who immediately accompanied him to his house to pray for the sick lady and also encouraged them to trust in God.


He disclosed that ?on that fateful day, my daughter was brought outside for cleaning up as usual by her mother, only for us to discover that she had stopped breathing. We did everything to see if she could respond, even hitting her with hard objects but she did not move nor react. Some of our neighbours who gathered on hearing our crying and wailing began to pray. For me, I was totally confused but I only remembered that I was able to call some of my relations resident in Agbor and other parts of the country.


?When some of them came, we started making arrangements for the burial. We took the corpse inside one of the rooms and covered it with a wrapper while awaiting the arrival of the Ambulance. After some hours, I was moved to go to where the corpse of Juliet was lying. On entering the room I was filled with grief that I was asking the lifeless body if it was my destiny to bury my daughter or for her to bury me and praying at the same time, when suddenly a voice told me to unwrap the corpse to see the body for the last time before it would be buried. But to my greatest astonishment, one of the two hands of my daughter that was lying straight, was placed on her stomach. I had to call her name but she did not respond. I had to pinch her leg several times until she moved one of the legs and in my joy I ran out of the room shouting, which attracted other persons who went into the room and immediately went into prayer. As they were praying and singing praises, we heard the young lady singing, and later she started saying that ?there is confusion in the camp of the wicked?. To our amazement, Juliet?s leg that was swollen became normal.


?While the singing and rejoicing was going on, she requested for food, and pap was prepared for her, from which she took only six spoonfuls. Since them my home has been filled with happiness.?


In the cause of the interview, Juliet was busy chatting happily with some of her relations and friends. Request to speak with her was not granted as the family said that she will be allowed to speak with the press at a later date. The parents however gave thanks and praises to God for restoring the life of their daughter. They also thanked all who stood by them, adding that their daughter is recovering very fast from the sickness.          


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