to Mike Iduwe, the ugly incident took place after two young men stopped him at
Okoh street and asked him to take them to somewhere along Reliance Street,
across the Benin Asaba Expressway, which he obliged in line with his business.


further said that he received the shock of his life when the two passengers
asked him to stop at a lonely part of the street, and one of them brought out a
dagger while the other drew out a gun before he was beaten up by the hoodlums,
making away with his cash and motorcycle.


also said that immediately after the incident he put a call across to his
master, the owner of the bike known as Mr. Monye Azuka, who on arrival took him
to the police station where a report of the incident was made. Mike also
confirmed to the police that he would be able to recognize the  two thieves when ever he comes across them;
for which reason the police gave the telephone number with which to reach them
when necessary.


to Mr. Monye, the next day Mike called him that he had seen one of the alleged
culprits. But said that before he could arrive, the suspect had disappeared.
However, they traced the suspect to a home where it was confirmed that two young
men lived and as they were waiting an okada dropped one of the young men who
was identified by Mike as one of the police who arrested the young man. Mr.
Monye added that the young man vigorously denied being involved in any
motorcycle theft.


Mr. Monye further said that he later arrested Mike
Iduwe, the rider, as the arrested young man has continued to deny any
complicity in the matter and the bike was also yet to be found. While the
police continue with their invitation, he also said he has offered a reward of
N20,000 to anyone who will be able to give the police any useful information
that will lead to the recovery of the bike.

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