f  the world. This wonderful
technology which though has brought much comfort and relief has equally brought
some nightmares, as in this case where   


caught up with three young men who specialize in stealing mobile phone handsets
on Saturday 27th June, 2009 at a Cybercafe in Alihame, Ika South
Local Government Area.


to Ika weekly source, the drama unfolded when a girl who came to patronize the
Caf? discovered and reported that her phone which she was charging at the Caf?
was missing, revealing also that the owner of the cybercaf? had always
complained about missing GSM handsets before the current incident.


source further stated that the girl, who raised an alarm over her loss, went
and reported the matter to the members of Alihiami
Vigilante Group (AVG) who invaded the Cybercafe, called in the police and
handed over a suspect to them.  The
suspect, the source confirmed, later confessed that he was involved.


all he knows about the handset to the police, the College of Education
student (names with held) said that he operates with two other young boys.  He was made to lure one of the boys to come to
the Traffic Light through a phone call while the third boy, who was on his way
to Benin to dispose off the handsets was also arrested at the park in
possession of five handsets, one of which is the one lost at the Cybercaf?.


three boys admitted to the crime adding that they usually come to Agbor to
steal Mobile phones which they later sell in Benin City. They were later taken to the

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