The death of Mr. Isika Asimie, a civil Engineer who died in an auto accident with all the members of his family weekend, has remained a mystery to those they left behind.

The sad incident which occurred along Abaji and Gwagwalada Sunday by is now a source of worry to members of the public and Ali-Okpu community the native home of the Engineer?s wife Mrs. Philomena Isika in particular.

Ika Weekly leant that Mr. Isika and his family of four were returning from Lokoja to Abuja where they went on a weekend visit when a fast moving trailer smashed into their car, killing all of them instantly.

Father of Mrs. Phenomena Isika, Mr. Ebom Peter expressing his grief at his residence No. 8 Ewuru Road, Aliokpu said it is a big loss to him that both his son-in-law, the daughter and their three children were sent to the world beyond in a single day without last words from any of them. He said it is such a terrible loss that would take God?s grace to endure and forget, adding that his household has resigned their fate in God who understands all mysteries.

The corpse of late Asimie who is a native of Abeokuta in Ogun State was later taken to Lagos together with that of his wife?s, their two daughters and son where they were committed to mother earth according to Muslim rite.

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