PROPHET-TURNED RITUALIST: Igbodo victims Recount Experiences


The so-called prophet of God said that he was
formerly in Lagos
State. He said that he
had to relocate to Igbodo town in order for him to cleanse the area of all the
evil deeds being perpetrated by agents of darkness in the community. No sooner
he had settled down in a rented hall with two adjoining rooms, after his
arrival to the town, than he started visiting homes and praying for people,
also discussing words of God with them. Owing to the high rate of patronage
within the short space of time he arrived the village, the “man of God” decided
to hold a three-day crusade, so as to enable him touch the lives of many, and
to drive away evil spirits from them. Ironically, it was during the three-day
crusade, which the prophet wanted to use to expose the wicked ones in the area,
that he; himself was rather exposed by the people.


Recounting their experiences at the palace of His
Royal Majesty Ikechukwu Osademe 1, the Obi of Igbodo kingdom, 17 years old
Master John Ogbolu of Idumu-Obior quarters and a student of Igbodo
comprehensive high school, Igbodo, said that in the last week of October, 2009,
he received an invitation from a friend of his to attend a crusade which would
hold for 3 nights. He gladly accepted the invitation after hearing that the
organizer of the programme was a man of God who would make things happen in the
life of those who meet with him.


However, Master Ogbolu said that during one of the
night crusade, the prophet called him into the inner room of the church at
about 4.00 am. He said that as soon as he walked into the room, he saw the
prophet pick up a bottle of oil and began to pray for him, rubbing his stomach
with the oil. From then he did not know what was happening to him anymore. It was
when he woke up at about 5 am, that he saw himself still lying inside the room,
and the zip of his trousers, pulled down. He explained that he quickly stood
up, zipped up his trousers and walked out of the church.


the same account and experience were given by 5 other persons which they went
through in the hands of the pastor. Some of them also said that the Prophet
took hold of their manhood, and was sucking their breasts as well. The most
pathetic account was the case of a nursing mother, who said she came to the
town and has been attending a different church until the prophet approached her
for assistance during his crusade; which she willingly accepted, seeing that he
was a man of God.


the reality of the situation was made known to her, on the last day of the
crusade, when the prophet told her that he would be going back to Lagos; and that he needed
some quantity of cassava flour (Garri), which she assured him of getting for
him the next day.


early as 4.00am the next day, the prophet called the nursing mother. But
looking at that time of the morning hour, she decided to wait until 5.00am.
When she eventually got to the prophet’s house with the bag of garri, the
prophet told her to wait for a special prayer. She stated that the last thing
she saw was her nakedness when she eventually woke up in the pastor’s house
later that morning.


on the incidence, the Iyasere of Igbodo kingdom, Dr. Unomah said that it was a
situation that has never been heard of in Igbodo community. He advised the
victims to be patient since the matter has been reported to the police, and
that the chiefs will surely get to the end of the matter. He commended the boys
for coming out to report the matter.


of the time of filing this report the prophet has been arrested and the police
has commenced investigation on the matter.       

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