Speaking with Ika
Weekly, the Odionwere of Ewan community, Chief Ottah Irabor, said that it
has been ages since the area experienced any form of government assistance,
saying that the people have continued to wonder over the insensitivity of the
various governments. According to him, the situation is so bad that youths in
the locality have totally migrated to the urban areas where social amenities
are available. 


Chief. Irabor, who was visibly angry over the poor
state of the community expressed his disappointment saying that “Ewan community
has always been part of mainstream politics in the local government. Our people
have always supported the ruling party which unfortunately has abandoned the
community, not even providing basic social amenities for us. It makes us wonder
if its only during elections that they remember us. It is not fair” he


Chief Irabor stated that the community was at a lost
over the non completion of the road project embarked upon by the state
government which he said was stopped at Alisime, their nearest neighbor. “How can
government award road contract that includes Oza-nogogo but stopped the
construction, leaving the entire Oza-nogogo in the lurch, even several years


According to the Odionwere, the road construction was
supposed to have affected Alisimie, Oza-Nogogo, Alisor and Omumu, all in the
same local government area.


Mr. Henry Ehiaghe, one of the elders in the community
regretted that Oza-nogogo community has been abandoned by the government both
at local and state levels. Mr. Ehiaghe wondered why Oza-Nogogo town with its
large population should be left out in the scheme of things. “We are surprised
at the turn of events, Ewan people always support the ruling party and
government in power but sadly the community is not always favoured in terms of


The elderly man also stated that the only primary
school in the area was in a state of total disrepair. According to him, the
situation became so bad that the members of the community had to task
themselves to have the floors of the school rehabilitated. He therefore called
on the local and state governments to provide the needed social amenities for
Ewan community.


Some youths in the community also spoke with Ika Weekly on condition of anonymity
expressed their displeasure over the deplorable condition of the community,
especially the roads, which they claimed have been abandoned by government.
They disclosed that the people of the community trek all the way to Alisime, a
neighboring village to fetch water, a situation they described as very appaling
they therefore call on government to pay deserved attention to the community.


“Ewan people lack portable water, market, good road,
school, hospital etc yet the politicians comes to solicit for political votes
every four years.” they stated.


Others who also spoke to Ika Weekly said that they will not allow any politician to campaign
in the area during the next election except the people of the community are
empowered with dividends of democracy.


At Idumenwa Primary School, the only government school
in the area, the physical condition of the school was an eyesore. Many of the
classrooms lack windows, doors, roofs etc. One of the buildings is a state of
total disrepair. With the headmaster’s office bereft of facilities necessary
for proper impartation of knowledge. Members of the community present at the
school at the time of Ika Weekly’s
visit said the school lacks tables and desks for the students and the teachers,
fencing, library, standard building and teachers, saying the school has only
seven teachers including the headmaster of the school. Pupils at the school
interviewed by Ika Weekly who spoke
in their local dialect solicit for government’s assistance to ameliorate their
sufferings they are going though. 

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