Alasi Primary School situated along Old Lagos Road, Ika South Local Government Area has been badly affected by the rainstorm that occurred on April 5, 2010 and has left most of the classrooms rooftops blown off, also shattering their windows and doors. The terrible wind that accompanied the rain violently uprooted a tree plant from Mary Mount secondary school to Alasi Primary School as they share the same fence.

According to Mrs. C.U. Ehiwario the Headmistress of school 1, the school which was formerly called St. Benedict Primary School when it was administrated by the missionaries also has very old block of classrooms. She said that the old school building has fallen apart; and that she has written to various education sectors, as well as the state government but there was no reasonable response. Mrs. Ehiwario used the opportunity to call on the people of Ika land, especially politicians to come to their aid as the children of Alasi Primary School have no infrastructural amenities and learning materials.

Mrs. C.O. Uwabade the Headmistress of school 2 also lamented the situation of the school-Speaking to Ika Weekly, she said that the school needs total renovation; such as in the aspect of accommodation, tables and chairs for both the teachers and children, reading and writing materials and computers. She also appealed to the state government and the well-to- do in Ika land to come to their aid in order to create a conducive environment for the children of Alasi Primary School

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