All may not be well presently, with the embattled Ika South constituency, Delta State House of Assembly aspirant and immediate past Speaker of the House, Hon. Barrister Martin Okonta as his misguided utterances, over how he spent N80m on litigations during his public declaration for the State Assembly seat is beginining to haunt him. Just as the Ika local parlance would put it "if a child uses his hand to fetch an insect infected firewood, he will face the consequence by himself," Okonta’s mouth has landed him into trouble, which for years to come, except for the divine intervention of God, the people of Ika land especially Ika South, his immediate constituency, will never forget.

When he was sacked as a lawmaker by the Appeal Court in Abuja and ordered to pay his opponent, Hon. Nonye Philips the whopping sum of N100m, many of his sympathizers who did not know that politics has become a money spinning venture were of the view that Okonta was finished politically and financially. Their feelings were expressed through the various solidarity visit they paid to him in his country home at Abavo. During this period, it was believed that almost everyone in Ika South had accepted the fact that Okonta, could not do well when he was representing them in the House because he was destabilized. They even went to the extent of accusing Noye Philip for not withdrawing from the court case, so that speakership position zoned to the area will yield dividend, only for Okonta to take everyone by surprise that he actually used the money meant for the development of Ika South for his own selfish interest.

Okonta, like a man without conscience and shame, has a few weeks ago promised to fight his political rivals, money for money, not integrity for integrity, saying that he will double every million given by any of the House of Assembly aspirant in Ika South to party faithfuls. It is even rumor that he bought over 100 motorcycles & 100 generators which he is distributing.

The questions now left for Okonta to answer, one, why did he not use all these millions of naira to help his people that gave him their mandate stole to empower them. Secondly, Okonta should tell the people of Ika South whether he has paid Hon. Nonye Philip the N100m the Appeal Court in Abuja said he should pay him? And lastly, Okonta should also tell the people of Ika South whether seeking for elective position should be made a do or die affair? More so, Hon. Kingsley Nonye Philips has not told the good people of Ika South if he has been paid or not. Just as every well meaning Ika South man or woman is not against anyone’s interest, our political office holders should use their tongues to count the number of teeth in their mouths, by doing the right things at the right time.

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