t  borne out of his proximity to
him, but because of his track records and achievements, both as a federal
legislator and presidential aid.

According him,” without mincing words, Dr.
Cairo Ojougboh remains the best man for the Delta North senatorial seat because
of his track records and achievement. As a federal legislator, he was able to
influence the  construction of the
Agbor/Sapkonba road, and the digitalization of 
Agbor and environ. As presidential aid he served, late Musa Yar Adua
successfully without any problem, and now he is with Dr. Goodluck
Jonathan,”  This shows that he is a man
endowed with the spirit of humility and service. He added that Ojougboh is
admired by his teeming supporters for his forgiving spirit, bravery and courage
towards public issues, which if elected as a senator, will be an added
advantage. Describing Ojougboh as a goal getter, he called on all Delta North
people, particularly Ika nation to give him their mandate in the forth coming
National Assembly elections, for he not disappoint them.

In the same vein,
Mr. Obika called on all Ika people to stop destroying themselves, especially
those who are holding public offices, maintaining that, leaders should be
prayed for and corrected  when wrong for
no man is perfect.

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