IKA WEEKLY – Recently new commissioners were sworn-in as members of the Delta State Executive Council by the State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.


Among those sworn-in were the Queen Mother, Hon. Queen Victoria Ikenchukwu, Ojeba of Agbor Kingdom, from Ika South Local Government Area and Chief Lawrence Osiegbu, from Ika North East Local Government Area.


Ika Nation can be said to be gradually taking up prominent and respectable positions in the government of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, who started the appointment of Ika sons and daughters with the appointment of Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa as Secretary to the State Government. 


Our people have cried out in the past that due recognition was not accorded them with appointments into viable positions at the state level and the provision of infrastructures for socio-economic development. His Excellency, Dr. Uduaghan should be applauded for creating a level playing ground for every part of the state by his appointments.


It is on this note that I remind the commissioners, especially the two from Ika nation that their appointments is a call to duty for a better life for the people of Ika nation.


Of particular reference is Ika South Local Government, which is in a terrible state of abandonment. It is pertinent to draw the attention of Her Royal Majesty; Hon. Queen Victoria Ikenchukwu to the plight of the people of Ika South, considering that the last eight years was devoid of any notable development in the area.


With her appointment, which is seen in most quarters as an opportunity for her to contribute to the speedy development of Ika South and by extension Ika nation, she should guard against political scavengers and professional praise singers whose stock in trade is to hang on to any body in power for selfish gains only to abandon and castigate the same person when the spoils of office is no longer there. 


She should realize that much is expected of her, especially when serious consideration is taken of her position in Ika Land. She should not allow professional political praise singers to derail her plan for her people who are in dire need of empowerment and development. 


Her attention should focus more on improving the condition of the people, rather than on those who will come looking for favour that will only benefit them alone. There should be no room for hangers-on and people whose sole inclinations are hypocritical. This is the time and opportunity to unite the people of Ika South, socially and politically, because she is not our normal run of the mill politicians, who are so self-centered and constricted in their reasoning and never bother about the people 


I am very confident that she will bring her wealth of experience and exposure to develop Ika South for the good of all.


In packaging her team, the Queen Mother should take time to select those best equipped and ready to assist her, with the help of the governor, to move Delta State and Ika South forward. It must be emphasized that the people of Ika South are eager to experience development.


In the same vein, Hon. Chief Lawrence Osiegbu who was the Chairman of Rural Development Agency (RDA) performed creditably well during his tenure that one is confident that he is going to deliver in his capacity as the Honorable Commissioner for Environment. He could be said to have a remarkable antecedent, which precedes him. He was said to have empowered so many Ika indigenes and provided transformers to various communities in Ika land. This is highly commended. Since he was able to do this much as chairman of a parastatal, I am confident he will do very well in his new position as a commissioner. I am calling on him not to relent in his drive to make great impact in the lives of the people.    


However, he should take cognizance of the political reality of our environment and be wary of sycophants and those who do not want the masses to benefit from government. In other words, those politicians who have constituted themselves into a clog in the wheel of progress. He should at all times have it in mind that his mandate is to assist the governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan to improve the living standard of the people. Equally important is the imperative for him to tackle the erosion manace in Ika land and other parts of the state.             


The two commissioners of Ika extraction are eminently qualified to move Ika nation and Delta State forward to a greater height. 

I therefore congratulate the Queen Mother, Hon. Queen Victoria Ikenchukwu and Chief Lawrence Osiegbu for their appointments, as I equally urge them to give their best to the people.

Finally, I congratulate and commend the governor, Chief Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, and the deputy governor, Prof. Amos Utuama for these worthy appointments and wish them all God’s guidance, wisdom and protection in their bid to move Delta State to a greater height.

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