Nemesis has caught up with a young commercial motorcycle rider (Okada) when he was arrested by the police at Agbor main station recently for breaking into the room of some persons living along Board Road, Alihami, Ika South Local Government Area.

Ika Weekly gathered that two young men of about 22 and 23 years were fast asleep in the dead of the night and did not know what was happening inside their room. They woke up in the morning of Friday, November 19, 2010, to discover that the mosquito net that was covering the only window in their room has been torn apart, and their two mobile hand sets, including the window curtain, wall papers and a purse containing the sun of two thousand Naira have been removed.

The two boys, it was gathered, quickly went to the vigilante group in the area to lay the report. They were advised to go to College Junction, under the mango trees and ask the mobile phone repairers if they have fairly used hand sets for sale. The boys went to the junction as they  were told. When they asked for some fairly used hand sets, one of the repairers quickly called someone on the phone and asked if he  has some fairly used hand sets for sale. As he dropped the phone, he told the two boys to wait for some minutes. Lo and behold, the hand sets that were brought for sale were those belonging to the two boys, who quickly raised an alarm that attracted passers-by and traders under the mango trees. The boy who later gave his name as Mr. Sunday, alias Pharaoh, said that it was the handiwork of the devil. He stated that he was an Okada rider from across the Niger, who resides in one retired army officer’s house somewhere along Board Road in Alihami, and that he left the house at about 2.00am that night, to go and steal the hand sets. Admitting that he used a knife to tear the mosquito net, Mr. Sunday also said that he used a hooked bamboo stick to pull the plastic table on which the hand sets and the purse were kept before stretching forth his hand to pick them, including the curtain and the wall papers that his hands could reach.

Pharaoh was said to have taken the vigilante group to his place that day, where they met his girl friend who co-habits with him and also saw the rest of the stolen items. He was later handed over the police in Agbor.

According to the Chairman of Alihami Vigilante Group (A.V.G) Mr. Sunday Oshiele, he has been receiving reports of persons cutting through window nets in the nights to steal people’s belongings. He said that Alihami is not a place for such criminal activities, as the Council of Elders in the community also known as Ndichie have placed a  curse on whoever brings shame and disrepute to the community. He added that the vigilante group will do everything possible to ensure that Alihami is not habitable to criminals, and warned breakers of the law to steer clear.

As at the time of filling this report Mr. Sunday, aka Pharaoh was still in police custody while invest6igations into the matter continues.

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