As the Direct Labour Agency Construction Firm continue to repair the damaged portions of controversial and before now pothole ridden Old Lagos/Asaba Road, with Hi-Tech Engineering Company, at the same time, working in a top gear to ensure that the first phase of the dualisation project, that is, Okoh junction, to College of Education junction, is completed soonest, many residents in Ika land, particularly those in Boji-Boji, metropolis, who were before this time very much aware of the deplorable conditions of the Old Lagos/Asaba Road and the former Delta State governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan recalcitrant and nonchalant attitude towards fixing it, are beginning to express gratitude, and equally saying a BIG THANK YOU to the Delta State acting governor and an illustrious son of Ika nation, Rt. Hon. Prince Sam Obi, who has chosen to thread the path of history by deciding not to follow the ways of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan but rather desirous to address the major road problems affecting Ika people, which is the Old Lagos/Asaba Road.

Many of these residents who spoke to Ika Weekly during the week said that the encomiums they are pouring on Prince Sam Obi do not mean they are giving hasty judgement on him as a political saint but because he understands the problem his people are passing through and is profering solution to it, even in the mist of limited time and little resources.

Here are the views of those interviewed:

Mr. Chukwuma Aliagwu, Managing Director, Prison Staff Club, Agbor, in his opinion said that, Rt. Hon. Prince Sam Obi, the acting governor of Delta State has proven to all Ikas that he is not just a man of action but also a good son of the soil (Ika Land). God knows what Obi is capable of doing for his people, that was why he exalted him with the highest office in the state. Even if no one commends him, I on my own part will do that, because we the people of Ika have never had it so good, that a man sworn in to serve for only ninety days, has just in one months solved the plight of road users on the Old Lagos/Asaba Road. I am particularly grateful to Obi, so too the Agbor people and the entire Ika land, and we pray that God will continue to give him the strength and wisdom to complete what he has started for his people and Deltans in general".

Mr. Freeborn Mogbolu, a retired banker, in his own view thanked God for using Prince Sam Obi to address the plight of the numerous road users of the Old Lagos/Asaba road, advising that Obi should remain focus and put his trust fully in God who has exalted him to become the number one citizen of Delta State.

Mr. Philip Odiase, a politician and former ward 7 chairman, said "Prince Sam Obi deserves our collective commendations because he has really proved to us that our own is our own. What he is doing to make sure Boji-Boji metropolis has a good road network will remain in the annals of Ika history. It is my prayer that he will finish what he has started and above all, live to achieve more for his people of Ika and Deltans in general," adding that the people of Ika South should rescined the idea of voting for Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan in the forth coming governorship re-run election in the state, for he has disappointed the local government when he was in office.

For Mr. G. U Idiaghe, a community leader and financial secretary to Ika Landlords/Landladies Association, "The massive work that we see going on the Old Lagos/Asaba Road is a clear attestation that Prince Sam Obi is on the right direction. I and other members of Ika Landlords/Landladies Association, as well as other concerned citizens of Ika nation are very proud of him. What Uduaghan has failed to achieve in three and half years, Obi has achieved it in just thirty days. His efforts are really commendable, that is why, I will like to use this opportunity to tell him to remain focus and avoid political sycophants, so that he would be able to accomplish the good works he has started."

Also, Mr. Andrew Ibegbulem, a businessman based in Agbor, asserted that "No one ever thought that the Old Lagos/Asaba Road would ever be repaired this year. A very big thank you to Prince Sam Obi who has not only come to salvage the situation but has also prepared to approve fund for the speedy dualisation of the road. I am very happy and proud of him because of the good steps he has taken so far in just a few days in office. I wish him well in all his life endeavours and at the same time beg Ika people to rally round him, by giving him the needed support so that he will have the courage to accomplish more for them."

Others who spoke were Messrs, Onyegwu Ogbolu Augustine, Bright Ucheka, and Nduka Ohue. In their separate remarks they lauded Prince Sam Obi for being sympathetic to the Ika course, saying that, Ikas and Deltans in general should support and vote for people like Sam Obi who are result oriented and ready to deliver the dividends of democracy to the door steps of the masses.

By and Large, Prince Sam Obi since assumption of office as the Delta State acting governor on 17th November, 2010, has not stopped putting smiles on the faces of many residents in Ika land, particularly those in Boji-Boji metropolis, by agreeing to fix the Old Lagos/Asaba road which before his emergence, was an eye sore despite the series of protest, outcries and consultations made by concerned individuals, pressure groups and non-governmental organization, to the Delta State government under Dr. Uduaghan.

The road which is now wearing a beautiful and new look is also on the verge of being dualised as the phase one of the dualisation project is presently going on.

To be continued next week. Interested persons who will want to air their views should come to Ika Weekly office at 108 Old Lagos/Asaba Road or call 08069287815.

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