Chucky Dandy and Hon. Nonye Philips (Agbokigboro) decamp to DPP … Dandy battles Gov. Uduaghan; Ojougbo and Okowa-Uduaghan struggle for the soul of Ika South PDP; Ika South House of Assembly PDP primary postponed Again

Those waiting for Ika South PDP to pick a candidate for Delta House of assembly will have to wait a bit longer.

There is an ongoing ragging battle between Ojougbo camp which is trying to impose Mr. Nwaolokor and Ifeanyi Okowa who with the open support of the Delta state Governor Dr. Uduaghan is trying to impose Martins Okonta on Ika South.

It is well known that these two candidates, Nwaolokor and Martins Okonta have zero credibility among the Ika South people. Martins is seen as a complete failure as during his years in the Assembly Agbor and most of Ika South saw no development at all. In fact, Agbor was de-developed during his tenure.

As for Nwaolokor, he is seen as purely incompetent. During his years as Ika South local government area he oversaw no development.

It is not entirely clear to anyone why Governor Uduaghan is pushing for Martins that has no support in Ika South. It is also being asked why Ojougbo who was the one who in the last election imposed Martins on Ika south is picking another incompetent candidate.

With no clear path to victory for any of these camps, the PDP primary to select a candidate for the assembly has been postponed and instead all the attention has now been turned to PDP primaries holding today in Asaba to pick candidates for Senate and Governorship.

… And Dandy battles Uduaghan

Seeing no way to realize their political futures with the current PDP internal politics, Chucky Dandy and Hon. Nonye Philips jumped by abandoning the PDP and decamped to DPP which did quite well in Ika South during the rerun last weekend. Both candidates blame their decampment on the reckless PDP politics in Ika South and on the state level. Last week during a meeting with all the candidates for the House of Reps, Governor Uduaghan asked Chucky Dandy and other candidates to step down for Doris Uboh who is preferred by the powers in Abuja. Dandy refused and engaged Uduaghan in a shouting match. Sources present said Uduaghan at one point threatened to arrest Dandy who then threatened to involve the international community if the governor tries to arrest him. After the meeting, Dandy seeing no way forward in the PDP immediately resigned and decamped to DPP with Hon. Nonye Philips who is aspiring for the House of assembly.

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