The effort of the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and other stakeholders, to ensure that the one man one vote, which the president has consistently championed yielded positive results and that there is internal democracy within the PDP, is being frustrated by some persons who still believe that they have the right to play god with the destinies of the people.

What played out days before the special ward delegate election and the PDP primaries in Ika land and other parts of the state was a clear attestation to the desperation of some politicians to derail the one man one vote campaign.

According to Ika Weekly investigations, few days to the PDP primaries, owing to the refused of aspirant on the platform of the party to step down for some ‘annointed’ aspirants, a meeting was called at Asaba, where other aspirants for the Ika Federal House of Representatives seat were bluntly "instructed’ to forget about their ambition, to give way for one of them to get automate ticket.

At the meeting which was reportedly conveyed at the instance of the Executive governor of the state, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, the aspirants were reportedly told to abandoned their aspiration, a development, our source said did not go down well with other aspirants, who however were not courageous enough to voice out their displeasure.

Ika Weekly was informed however that Mr. Festus Chukwuyem Okoh popularly known as Chuky Dandy was the only aspirant bold enough to reject the governor’s instruction, which he said was at vanance with the evolving political trend of decent democracy. He was said to here stood up and told the governor that he had no right whatsoever to impose anybody on the people of Ika Federal Constituency.

He was reported to have told the governor that even the president, who so much believed in internal democracy and one man one vote will not condescend to the level of imposing a candidate on the people. He reminded the governor that after they had worked tirelessly for him to win election in Ika land, the only way he could pay them back was to impose somebody on the people.

Mr. Okoh who was visibly angry was said to have openly told. Hon. Doris Uboh that there was no way she can win election in Ika land in any open contest, after when he stormed out the meeting, which he described as very unfruitful.

In an exclusive interview with Ika Weekly after he picked the Democratic Peoples Party, DPP ticket for Ika Federal House of Representatives seat, Mr. Okoh condemned what he described as sheer lack of respect and interest for the people of Ika nation.

He informed the paper that the desperate attempt to undermine internal democracy and the one man one vote in the primaries was what led to his resigning from the PDP which he has been a member, since 1999 ‘Me and my supporters decided to go to another party to pursue our aspiration, where we believe we can get justice and fair play. The governor was so callous and insensitive not to discuss and convince us to step down, instead it was more of a command. And I gave him the bluff.

"After having spent so much money, campaigning somebody cannot just tell me to give way for another person, just like that. That is the height of insentivity and injustice. That is why we moved to DPP, where I won the party primaries, with a very wide margin, proving my popularly and wide acceptance, especially among the youths, who form the majority of the electorate, who see me as their pride.

It is equally being rumored that a candidate has been chosen for the House of Assembly seat for Ika South local government area, on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party. The aspirant according to information gathered by Ika Weekly was equally imposed on the party by the governor, who insisted that it must that particular individual or nobody else.

A source which opted for anonyonity informed Ika Weekly that the governor is determined the have this aspirant hoist the party’s flag for the House of Assembly, seat for Ika South not minding his non acceptance by the people of the area, who reports say are equally poised to cast protect votes to frustrate the antics of the governor.

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