this time around unlike in the past, where so called godfathers
manipulate the electoral process.”

Mr. Odiase
stressing that he is the most qualified for the Assembly seat for Ika North
east says he understands the problems of the people, adding he will carry the
people along, if voted into office.”

The young man who
opined that there was need to infuse fresh ideas into politics in Ika North
east however praised Sam Obi, saying he has done his best but needs to give way
to others to do their best also. “He has truly tried his best, but somebody
else needs to continue from where he stops. We need him to aspire to higher
offices. He has gotten to the level where most people do not have access to
him, but for me the people have unimpeded access and I am ready to work with
them for the development of Ika North east.

Mr. Odiase noted
that representation is about affecting the lives of the people particularly the
grassroot and making sure the people get development and what they truly want.

On his leaving
the PDP for the Labour Party, Mr. Odiase disclosed that having stepped down for
others in the past, he was not ready to do again, and so when he discovered
that the same scenario  was still going
to play itself out, he opted out to chart his political cause on another
platform. “And since I  the Labour Party,
I have been receiving a lot of encouragement both from the party and the people
of Ika North east.”

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