A clergy man cum politician, Rev. J.O. Ashien, has described the member representing Ika South at the Delta State of House Assembly, Hon Barr Martins Okonta as a liar and betrayer. Rev. Ashien, who was reacting to last weeks publication of Ika Weekly, Vol3. No152, Saturday March 5th, 2011, page 15, with caption “I Have No Quarrel With Ojougboh,” said people should stop addressing Okonta as honourable because honourable men are truthful and honest, not double tongued people like Martins Okonta.

In his words “Barr. Martins Okonta should stop deceiving himself. In fact, he should go for a medical check up because he speaks like someone that cannot control his mouth. What does Okonta take people of Ika South for?”

He saying that  “On Monday 7th February, 2011, in a political meeting at Mr. Davison Okafor’s house, Barr Martins Okonta opened his mouth to tell people that he has left Dr. Cairo Ojougboh. He even swore that dead or alive he will never go back to Ojougboh again. He was asked whether he was sure of what he was saying and he said yes.

“In that meeting, Barr Okonta called Dr. Ojougboh all sorts of names: he called him a greedy person, a liar, a murderer, and that he is tired of buying fuel for Ojougboh”

Rev. Ashien posited that Ojougboh is not the reason why Okonta performed below expectation in his representation, saying that the law maker is just a greedy and selfish politician who only succeeded in making himself a multi-millionaire to the detriment of the people of Ika South.

According to Rev. Ashien, “Barr Okonta in one of his campaign rally for  his second tenure told us that he used his first four years to learn pleading that we should send him back to the state House of Assembly again, for him to correct his mistakes. Even when he became the Speaker of the House in 2008, Okonta could not correct the mistakes he promised to correct.

“The question now is, what has Okonta done for Agbor and Abavo people for the eight years in office as member and Speaker of the House. In reference to teaching appointment, Okonta said, Agbor got 151 while Abavo  71. I, Rev. J.O Ashien by the spirit of the Almighty God challenge Barr Okonta to release the names of the people who got this teaching appointments or close his mouth.

Rev. Ashien called on the good people of Abavo and Agbor to rise and say no to Barr Martins Okonta’s third tenure ambition because he has failed us. “We should stop sending failures and greedy politicians to represent us in government. The people of Ika South should vote political failures like Barr. Okonta out of office because they are not representing our interest. We should say no to them.

Okonta has come out again to deceive the people after he said he used N80m for court case and that, he has freed himself from Ojougboh’s bondage, promising the youths that he will empower them. Why wait for eight years before empowering youths? Why wait for eight year before opening a constituency office where issues affecting the Ika South constituency can be taken down. I think all we need now is change, hence, Agbor and Abavo should dump Okonta and all other political failures in Ika land for we cannot be fooled again for a fool at fourty is a fool for ever.

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