Activities marking the final exit of the Ohan of Agbor kingdom Chief F.O. Isibor,a, one time commissioner of old Bendel state, have been held. Until his death he was the owner of Peterosa poultry, farm Agbor, started on Thursday 26th January, 2012, with service of songs at his residence. I the burial ceremony In various eulogies presented before and during the service of songs, late Chief F.O Isibor was said to be a reliable, dependable and loving father He is indeed a very resourceful, intellectual, as well as a caring and loving man with a transparent integrity.At the service of song, Reverend fathers and member from St Columba and St Patrick Catholic church were present to grace the occasion with dignitaries from home and abroad.Msrg Patrick Isichie praised the godly attributes of the departed gem and admonished everyone to strive to adopt those godly attributes, he urged all present to examine themselves and sincerely answer the question, what legacy they would bequeath to humanity?Various Personalities from within and outside Ika community were present at the service of songs.BIOGRAPHY FRANCIS OSAYI ISIBORThe Ohan Of Agbor Kingdom.Francis Osayi Isibor was born on April 4.   1930, to Eku and Aghoro Isibor of Omumu, Agbor in Sapele, Delta State of Nigeria. An only son of his mother along with two  sisters. Madam Maria Isibor and Mrs Martha Ogbeide.He started his primary education at Government school Agbor at the age of six.  In 1944, he started his secondary school education in far away Lagos at St. Gregory College. An excellent student, full of wisdom and judgment. After one of his holidays his father called him into his room at 1am. for some man to man talk, out of that room came one of the family’s most popular sayings "expenditure is more than income". Young Francis decided to use his one term school fees meant for St Gregory’s College to pay for one year’s school fees in another equally good school, St Patrick’s College, Asaba (a wise kid you will say). His father was very angry with him but the deed had been done. He passed his final exams, the then London Matriculations with flying colors.Between 1951 and 1953 he worked with the Post and Telegraphs Department as Sub Inspector, took and passed the G.C.E A levels. Between 1954 and 57, he worked in the meteorological department as Meteorological Observer. He soon left for the Civil Service of the then Western Region. By 1957, he was blessed with his first son  Francis Nwabunor Isibor Jnr, from his first marriage.In 1958, he enrolled as a cadet in the Prison Service of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, and subsequently sent to England (Manchester University) to study Penology. It was in that year that he was again blessed with his first daughter Winifred Isibor and  Peter Isibor in 1963.He rose through the ranks to the post of the Assistant Director of Prisons. In between the ranks, he  went to England, this time to Wakefield University to study Criminology. During his tenure, he introduced a lot of reforms in the service, many of which are still being used up till now. He retired voluntarily in 1978 after twenty years of service to the nation, which saw him in almost every part of Nigeria.Upon retirement, he came back home to his people (He loves his people), remarried  and started one of the then biggest and most established farms (PeterOsa farms) in Agbor,  his hometown. He became the chairman of the Regency council of Agbor Kingdom in the absence of the Dein who at the time had not returned from England. In 1978, Osayi Ben Isibor was born.He joined active politics in 1979 with late Professor Ambrose Ali and served as Commissioner of Works and Housing, Lands and Survey and finally Trade and Industries. As a commissioner, he was transparently honest, and hated bribery and corruption. In 1983, the family was blessed with a set of twins Onyisi Ndidi and Osemeke Isibor- a joy indeed to both parents and the family as a whole.Chief Isibor saw every activity as a service to humanity. In life, he was gentle and God fearing, very considerate and ready to help. A philanthropist following after his father. Chief Isibor was not only a father to his children, but also to relatives and people in the community. He left politics entirely when the game changed and retired to a quiet life with his family. He held two traditional titles (The Ohan of Agbor and The Odafin-Akaeze of Mbiri). He is survived by his wife Chief Mrs Christianah Nwabiani Isibor,  six children,  13 grandchildren ,brothers and sisters. May His Gentle Soul Now Rest In Peace.

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