IKA WEEKLY – When a man starts noticing urinary disorder like when he notices that there is always the urgency to pass urine in order not to spill it especially at night, when he notices that after passing urine, he still feels that he has not emptied his bladder completely which makes him urinate frequently.  In some cases, he finds it difficult initiating urination, which comes in a very slow stream with some painful sensation because it has lost its force or when it flows in drops.  Another indication is when a man starts having hematuria (blood in the urine) and urine retention or infection. These most likely are indication that the patient has benign prostatic hypertrophy (non cancerous prostate enlargement).  The other aspect is when a man notices that when he goes to urinate, he has the sudden urge to defecate (pass faeces), there is also the case where the urinary tract is completely obstructed, making urination very difficult if not impossible. 


When a man notices these, there is the urgent need to see a qualified medical practitioner so as to confirm what exactly is wrong.  Blood and urine analyses are very important for a complete medical opinion about the patient.  This will also help to ascertain the degree of complication.


Prostrate Cancer

It is pertinent to mention here that Granulomatous Prostatitis and Tuberculosis Prostatitis are two other diseases of the prostate whose symptomatic presentation are just like that of Prostate Cancer.  The patient present with terminal hermaturia, perineal pain and discomfort. On physical examination, you will likely find a firm, hard nodular texture on the prostate.  The best way to distinguish these from prostate cancer is through biopsy.  The symptom in these ones may also totally resolve after a few days of using catheter to drain.


Prostate Cancer accounts for about 10-18 percent of tumors in men and it is the second most common malignant tumor in men.  It is known to cause most of the death in men, from 55 years of age and above who die of cancer.  Prostate Cancer is predominantly a disease of elderly males with the peak case coming at late sixties or early seventies.  Cases in men below the age of forty are rare. 


Just like in the case of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, the symptom in Prostate Cancer comes with urinary disorder, there are difficulties in passing urine, but in this case the, frequency is more.   When urine is passed, there is pain around the urethra, there is small but repeated hemorrhages (bleeding).   It is advisable that any man with such signs should see a qualified medical practitioner.  There are times when prostate cancer is discovered when trying to treat a case of a painful crisis of urinary retention or in course of the treatment of a chronic case of urine retention.  Like in most other internal cancers the tumor on the prostate may not be discovered early because there may not be obvious signs as this type develop slowly, this is why most prostate cancers, are discovered when the cancer cells have invaded the lymph or have produced pulmonary or hepatic metastasis (spread to the lungs or liver) that is why it is advised that all men above forty years should make it a duty to see their doctors for comprehensive medical check of the state of their prostate gland.  Early detection of all forms of cancers makes treatment a lot easier.


Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and Prostate Cancer come with serious complications.  One of the greatest complications is the dilatation and infection of the higher urinary tracts and the kidney.  This is because the tumor makes it almost if not impossible for urine to pass through the very narrow urethra, hence the dilatation and infection of the kidney and the upper urinary tracts.


Treatment: – The old long adage that prevention is better than cure is the best form of treatment for this deadly ailment.  This applies to both allopathic and natural medicine management of this disease.  Having said this, it is adviced that every man should check whether these diseases run in their families.  Every male should also watch what he eats.  


Prostate Cancer though said to be the disease of the older male, it is possible that what the man eats as a youth could surface as a disease at old age. Therefore, the young and old male should be careful with their diet.  Some of the main enemies of the prostate gland include coffee, tobacco, alcohol and other irritable substances.  The use of vinegar, excess salt, table salt, artificial spices, cured meat products should be stopped.  While the consumption of White Bread, Milk, Shaky (Towel) and Green should be avoided.


Allopathic Medicine has various forms of treatment for prostate cancer depending on the stage.  Some of therapeutic options available in allopathic medicine include radical prostatetectomy (the complete removal of the entire prostate gland and seminal vesicles through surgery), external beam radiotherapy, interstitial irradiation, hormone manipulation and chemotherapy.   For the purposes of this presentation, my main focus is the natural medicine intervention in the treatment of this disease.  The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates once said, “for every disease that plague man, there is a herb in the bush.”


This statement is in consonance with the letter of saint Paul to the Philippians chapter 4 verse 19 which says “But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” These statements are classical confirmation of the fact that God is able and abundantly able to provide every of our needs including health needs.  In nature therefore lies the solution to all the medical and health needs of man including Prostate Cancer.  In natural medicine, the treatment of cancers particularly Prostate Cancer has been demystified.  For example, Pax Herbal Clinic of St Benediction Monastery in Ewu is a centre of excellence in the treatment of cancers especially Prostate Cancer.  Patients of Prostate Cancer are daily referred from all over the country, America and Europe to Ewu for treatment and the result has been tremendous. Luckily the Ewu Monks have graciously opened their Extention Services Centre at ST PATRICK CATH. CHURCH IME OBI AGBOR. You can now get all the products and services you were going to Ewu for, at this centre. In nature, the treatment of Prostate Cancer includes Hydrotherapy, which include water therapy, urine therapy, sitz bathe and steam sitz bath.  There is the Prostatic Massage (this is also used in allopathic medicine) Diet therapy, in this, the patients of these ailments are encouraged to eat food with high fibre content.  This is because fibre does not encourage constipation, which is a condition that promotes the diseases of the prostate.  Some of the food rich in fibre include vegetables, whole-wheat meal or bread, soya beans, guava, brown rice, beans, maize, coconut, etc.  eating of pumpkin seeds, is a very good way of fighting Prostate Cancer.  Food rich in magnesium and zinc such as whole wheat Bread or meal, Beans, Almond, Peanuts, Avocado, Potatoes, Soybeans, etc are also good for the management of Prostate Cancer.  Food rich in Amino Acids like soybeans, Brewers yeast, Skimmed milk, whole wheat flour, Eggs, Corn, Fish, Chicken Peanuts etc are also good in the management of prostate cancer.


Phytotherapy is another way that Prostate disorder is arrested in Natural medicine.  These include the use of herbs like mistletoe, bitter leaf, activated charcoal, Garlic, Onions, Tomatoes, Echinacea, Pygeum, small Flowered Willow, Saw Palmetto, Bearberry and Bermuda grass, Lecithin, Stinging Nettle, Damiana and the roasted seed of Stinking Weed.  One of the choice Phytotherapy remedies for the treatment of Prostate disorder is the combination of Phytoestogen and Ginseng.  A recent research have shown that men from Japan, China, Korea and other part of Asian show less rate of Prostate Cancer and this was attributed to their constant consumption of GINSENG .  


Talking about Small Flowered Willow as a choice herb in the treatment of prostate cancer and other prostate, kidney and bladder disorders, Maria Treben an Austrian herbal exponent published so many testimonies of people who suffered from prostate cancer and other prostate disorders in her book “Health Through Gods Pharmacy” who got healing after using this herb. I have also used this great herb successfully to help many patients who have the same cases.   Another form of treatment in Prostate ailment which is very important and should be used without prejudice to any other choice of treatment is EXERCISE, this is central because it not only help to conquer constipation, it also strengthens the abdominal and perineal muscles.   Walking, gentle jogging and dancing are very good.  A patient with Prostate ailment should avoid remaining seated for a long period.  He should take a walk of five to ten minutes for every one and half hours of continuous sitting.  Drivers are also encouraged to adapt this system.

Like I said earlier, the best treatment for all diseases is prevention.  It is therefore, advisable to maintain a healthy life style especially healthy dieting.

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