The Delta State Government has directed Ekuku-Agbor
community to make peace with the Dein of Agbor kingdom. The Deputy Governor,
Prof. Amos Utuama, who represented the state government warned that His Royal
Majesty is the only statutory gazzeted traditional authority in Agbor kingdom,
and any person or group of persons seeking autonomy must seek approval from His
Royal Majesty.

The basis of the meeting which was held on Monday,
19th November, 2012 at the office of the Deputy Governor in Asaba between the representatives
of Agbor kingdom and Ekuku-Agbor community was to look into first the issue of
A cap that was alleged to have stolen and the second, is the issue of an
agitation by some persons in Ekuku-Agbor for Ekuku-Agbor to be dependent of
Agbor kingdom, due to the recent discovery of crude oil in parts of Agbor
kingdom including Ekuku-Agbor.                          

The deputy governor said that he is not surprised over
the agitation as it always happens any where crude oil is discovered. He
advised those agitating not to be led astray by what will not last forever.
Prof Utuama made it emphatically clear that His Royal Majesty Keagborekwuzi I,
the Dein of Agbor kingdom is the only re-cognised statutory gazette authority
in Agbor kingdom, disclosing that any quarter or community within Agbor kingdom
seeking autonomy must obtain the approval of His Royal Majesty. He warned that
any person or group of person who in the name of any form of agitation causes
trouble in any part of the state will be arrested.                     

Hon Doris Ubon who spoke on behalf of Ekuku-Agbor said
a few months ago, some issues were reported to her by members of her community,
Ekuku-Agbor, saying that it is her responsibility to do the right thing hence
the agitation for secession which she personally brought to the attention of
the Deputy Governor. However, His Royal Majesty informed the Deputy Governor
that Chief Ezeahomosi Nwaokete, the Uboh of Agbor is a second class grade chief
in Agbor kingdom belonging  to the
Ighaiwo class, below the Uzama class of Agbor chiefs who are the first class
chiefs of His Royal majesty. He made it clear that Chief Ezehomosi Nwaokete has
no right to wear any form of beaded crown or cap. His Royal Majesty said that
he has on several occasions spotted Chief Nwaokete wearing such fraudulently
impersonating crown cap, which he (Chief Nwaoket) removes from his head on
sight of His Royal Majesty. He stated that he was the one who directed that the
impersonating crown be retrieved.                 

His Royal Majesty further stated that he has other
class of chiefs known as the Idibodein chiefs in Ekuku-Agbor, which included
Dr. Emmanuel Tibi. The revered Agbor monarch said that some of the Idibodein
chiefs were presented to him for installation by Ekuku-Agbor people as a way of
ensuring their well being and inclusion in palace activities.            

He also informed the Deputy Governor that he directed
Chief Anthony Egede, the Ugbala Dein of Agbor to retrieve the impersonating
crown from Chief Egheahemosi Nwaokete, the Uboh of Agbor. “I expected the
action to be done in public possibly at the Ogwa of Uboh, and I never approved
of the manner in which the Ugbala carried out the instruction I wrote a letter
to Chief Nwaokete Ezeahamosi to inform that the impersonating crown is in the
Royal Palace, as well as a second letter containing  all the facts that were unrefuted”, His Royal
Majesty said.

The revered Agbor Monarch frowned at the kidnap,
assault and dehumanizing treatment given to Chief Anthony Egede, and the need
for the perpetrators to be arrested and prosecuted.                   

However, the Deputy Governor warned all those
agitating for secession in Agbor kingdom to seek the clearance and approval of
His Royal Majesty and should be careful the way they go about it as the
government will not hesitate to arrest or prosecute any person that wants to
heat up the polity in the name of secession.                            

The representatives of the commissioner for Justice
and the Attorney General, Mr. Oghenejabor, who is a director in the Ministry of
Justice corroborated the position of the Deputy Governor, that some persons
within the state whose conduct is causing breach of peace in some communities
are being prosecuted by the ministry.           

Mr. Christopher Uboh, one of the persons who claimed
to be representing Ekuku-Agbor in the meeting informed His Royal Majesty that
the building of his father, Obi Ikenchukwu of blessed memory in Ekuku-Agbor has
dilapidated due to non maintenance. He pleaded with His Royal Majesty to effect
repairs of the house and also visit Ekuku-Agbor, saying that the people are
anxious to see their king.                  

The Divisional Police Officer in Agbor, CSP Albert. U.
Dike, who represented the Delta State Commissioner of Police warned agitators
to desist from causing a breach of law and order. The Deputy Governor directed
that Pan Ocean Oil company will be invited to meet with the government and His
Royal Majesty. He warned that any memorandum of understanding signed by the Oil
company and any other person without the approval and signature of His Royal
Majesty and the Honourable Attorney General of the state is illegal, null and

He directed that Chief Anthony should return to
Ekuku-Agbor. Those persons that represented Agbor kingdom in the meeting were:
His Royal Majesty Keagborekwuzi I, the Dein of Agbor kingdom, Chief J.E.
Imudia, the Onyewonihian of Agbor, Chief Philip Igumbor, the Osagwe of Agbor,
chief Emenim Augustine, the Iyase of Agbor, Chief Usifoh Louis, the Akpara of
Agbor, Chief Okobia Gideon, the Ajeh of Agbor, Barr. S.O.A. Gbenoba, Barr.
Jackson Obih Onyeaghor, Barr. Emmanuel Ebomah, Mr. Hilary Aghaolor, Mr. Ogwu
Benjamin, Chief M.K. Ogbe, Osolobuemeni Dein of Agbor, Chief Aziken James,
Osolobuehike of Agbor, Chief Anthony Egede, Ugbala Dein of Agbor, Chief Charles
Nenyiaba, Onyesome Dein of Agbor and Mr. Aluge Kainji Obia. While Ekuku-Agbor
was represented by Hon Doris Uboh, Mrs. Mosieri, Mrs. Abiola, Mr. Chuks
Emuebie, Dr. Emmanuel Tibi, Mr. Christopher Nwaokete, and Dr R Okobia.Another meeting was held on Wednesday 28th November,
2012 at the palace of the Dein of Agbor, which some youths from Ekuku-Agbor
attended. The youths pledged their loyalty to His Royal Majesty whom they said
they are very proud of. The meeting was also attended by officials of the
ministry of Justice who represented the Attorney General of the State. Unfortunately
for about the seven times meetings were called, the main actors in the matter
again failed to appear. It is pertinent to note that His Royal Majesty had
stated several times for the record that, this was not a matter between Agbor
and Ekuku-Agbor but rather Agbor and some few individuals attempting to cause
unhappiness and disaffection in the kingdom.





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