It is no longer news that nearly 95% of the drainages (gutters) in Ika South Local Government Area, particularly in Orogodo, the commercial nerve centre of the local government are filled with refuse owing to the indiscriminate ways and manner residents of the area dispose their refuse, not minding whether their actions are acceptable or not. The unlawful and wicked act has since become a routine activity for residents who derive joy coming out very early, every morning particularly whenever it rains to empty their refuse into the gutters without any remorse. Because no adequate measure was taken to checkmate the ugly trend, it has over the years grown to become a tradition for almost all the residents in Ika land. The consequences of which is the blockage of the gutters, thereby, disrupting the easy flow of water, which instead of flowing through the gutters, flows along the streets, creating huge gullies and pot holes. Residents who tried not to pour their wastes into the gutters have also formed the habit of disposing it at illegal dump sites mostly along the streets. Only very few are today engaging the services of private waste managers.
However, the good news is that Ika South transition committee under the able leadership of Engr. Andrew Obiazi is currently taking serious measures in order to ensure that the local government is clean by all means and at all cost by taking serious steps to address the menace of indiscriminate dumping of refuse. One of the measures taken by the council to check mate the ugly menace of indiscriminate refuse disposal is the purchase and distribution of fifty waste bins at different strategic locations in Orogodo. The step has been described by many as a very good and commendable one as it is a new innovation in the local government. It is believed that the Engr. Obiazi led committee is doing all it can to make sure it keeps Ika South clean as directed by the governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and this is highly commendable.
However, to achieve complete results, more still have to be done. The waste bins (drums) need to be evacuated on regular basis, for the effort will be meaningless if the refuse are not cleared on regular basis, if the council is able to carry out the evacuation exercise regularly and at the same time sustain the effort, the war against indiscriminate dumping of refuse would be a thing of the past. In addition to this, the manual dredging of gutters to allow the free flow of water which has also been embarked upon by the council should equally be sustained. And lastly, monitoring groups should be set up to arrest and punish anyone caught pouring waste into the gutters or at any unauthorized refuse dump site.
On the part of the residents, they should support the council on this laudable effort as she alone cannot win the war against indiscriminate refuse disposal. Residents, who are yet to register with private refuse operators (packers) should either do so or go to any of the authorized dump sites around their area to evacuate their waste. Lastly, those residents, who have specialized in pouring their refuse into the gutters whenever the rain falls, should desist from the wicked act and complement the effort of the council which no doubt at the moment is doing its best to keep Ika South clean.
Also wood sellers who put their woods along the road and most times throw the logs from the lorries even on the tired roads should also desist from the ignoble act.
Indeed, one may not be wrong to say that going by what the caretaker committee has done within the short period it was inaugurated that a messiah, has, for the first time come to one of the councils in Ika nation and we look forward to seeing Ika Northeast follow suit, so that we could have the Boji-Boji metropolis that every Ika person will be proud of

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