The Nni Uzor Feast, is a festival that
bequeaths us with a rich cultural legacy of oneness and brotherly love. The
festival means, A feast along the road.

is a thanksgiving festival for the Okpara’s of Owa-Alero.

Obodo-Uku has seven Okpara’s. the Okpara of Idumuebor that is entitled to the
Okaiye title, the Okpara of Alioye, the 2 Okparas of Alugba and the 3 Okpara’s
of Aliegwe. Of these 3 Okparas of Aliegwe, the Okpara of Aliegwe-Uku is
entitled to the Okaiye’s title that is co-crowned with Idumuebor.

earlier reported in the previous edition, the Alioye people were traditionally
endowed with the right and power to protect Owa-Alero territorial interest. The
Alioye man is appointed as the Olotu general of Owa-Alero. An Olotu is regarded
as the Chief of Defense staff or the war general. In this traditional context,
the Olotu of Alero has right to use the mystic war charm of Owa-Alero that
allows her to defeat and defend Alero against foes and rivalries. Other Olotus
are appointed from the remaining 3 quarters of Alero to support the Olotu

informed us that Alero people were warlike people considering the circumstances
surrounding their settlement, they had to device tactics for survival. The
Olotu-general is the chief Priest of Ogele. (The war shrine).

four farming years, the Olotu general is expected to retire to give way for
younger soldiers. After this veteran services, the community will access the
relative peace within the community. If the seven Princes of Alero ie. The seven
Okparas of Owa-Alero remain alive within these 4 farming years of Olotu
general’s tenure, a great feast is held. This feast is called NNI UZOR feast.
It was last celebrated when Ehiworgu was the Olotu general of Alero. This was
over 50 years ago.

Nni Uzor is a memorial feast of thanksgiving to God for life, peace and
prosperity. The whole Adult community contribute Yams and money, meant for the
purchase of he goat to the common purse. The Adult females contribute half of
what the men contribute for the feast. Food is cooked, generously served to All
the community that marched out to the market square. Every one sits according
to his family and according to his age. Palm wine is served prominently at the
feast. The chief celebrant of the feast is the Olotu general and other Olotus.
While the Okpara’s of Alero are co-celebrants. Thereafter, gifts are lavishly
offered to on the Olotus of Alero. They will be greeted “Great Okibali”

elders know that there is love in sharing, cases are best laid to rest after
warring parties dine together. They encouraged us to eat together and maintain
a strong brotherly love For
the past 60 years, Nni Uzor feast had not been celebrated, because most times,
the seven Princes that crown the Olotun will not be all alive, after 4 years
tenure. This could be attributed to the problem of life expectancy relation of
what may be called a dying culture. The writer hope to witness this legacy
feast  feast along the road that will
afford once again an opportunity for all the sons and daughters of Alero to
come down home and commemorate the Nni Uzor feast.

(Compiled by Iyare Chuks. Edited by
Okwunoja Silva)

To be continued next week.


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