A popular trado-medical doctor based in
Agbor, Chief Dr. Yomi Oduselu Hassan, Ekwueme I of Akwmazi has during the week
raised alarm over the alarming rate of rape cases in Nigeria. He said that if
the unholy act is not checked it will rubbish the image of the country, 

to him, members of the public are the ones encouraging raping as youths dress
half naked outside, thereby expressing almost every part of their body. He
pointed out that the most annoying aspect of the whole thing is that even when
someone summons the courage to challenge those who dress improperly such a
person will assaulted and termed old school.

recalled how men particularly youths were not allowed to walk in the street
with girl or women in the olden days, saying today reverse has become the case
as most young girls and boys can even kiss or make love in the street.

of our young boys and girls have gone far in their immoral acts as they do not
only dress half  naked in public, they
also watch pornographic films through their cell phones and video. We have
forgotten in a hurry that we are Africans, that we have our own culture and
traditions different from that of the western word” he stated.

therefore called on parents and wards as well as husbands to check the way and
manner their children dress, adding that teachers should also help parents to
monitor the dress code of their children, just as he advise women and youths to
respect themselves by dressing properly.

a related development, Chief Hassan enjoined Ika people to keep hope alive by
uniting to achieve their dream of producing a State governor in 2015. He
stressed that no meaningful development can be achieved in the midst of greed,
bitterness and rancor, hence, all hands must be on deck to make Ika land a
better place. He advised public office holders to use their good offices to
impact positively on the lives of the people through the provision of
functional infrastructures and creation of employment.

stated that Ika land is blessed with great men and women who have distinguished
themselves in their various fields of endeavour, hence, they should all be
considered in the proper governance of the place rather a few persons dictating
for others.

revealing that there will be abundance of resources such as oil in Ika land in
ten years to come, Chief, Hassan disclosed that every Ika man or woman should
be praying for the land for it is one of the most blessed ethnic groups in

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