It is from our heart we conceive good or evil and not from our brain. The brain is connected with thinking while the heart is connected with action. The centrifugal force that pulls every man into action, whether positive or negative action is the heart. There is a story (not from theology) that when God finished His perfect workmanship of creating man, he wanted to leave or hide a piece of His Divinity, which represents a spark of His essence or power inside the man. He looked for a place where He could hide this power or divinity in the man because He never wanted man to locate this power easily without effort, otherwise man will not value it. He summoned all the angels to suggest where to hide this divine power.

One of the angels suggested that God should hide this divinity on top of the highest mountains, so that man cannot find it easily. God shook his head and said that man is an adventurous creature and that he will soon learn how to climb mountains and discover what is on top of it. Another angel suggested that God should hide it beneath the deepest part of the earth. Not at all, God said, because man will soon invent instrument to find out what is in the deepest part of the earth. Then, hide it in the middle of the ocean, said another angel. God shook his head and said that man will soon start to build ships that will cross the mightiest oceans. All the angels then asked God where He will plant this divinity in man. He smiled and said He will hide it where everyman and woman will be able to find it if they look sincerely and deeply enough. I will hide it in their heart. This is why all ideas comes from the heart. This is why everyone must look into the heart for divine solution to problems. The prize of life is not for starters but for finishers. This world does not celebrate starters but finishers. That was the story of the Wright Brothers(1903) who invented the airplane. The Wright Brothers only improved on the work of Dr. Langsley Samuel who constructed and assembled the body of the airplane but was unable to provide the component that could lift the plane off the ground. With little effort, Wright Brothers invented the component capable of lifting the plane and flying it in the air. They were rewarded with the prize of inventing the aeroplane. Dr. Langley started the project but could not complete it.

He did not possess the finishing spirit. It is not how you started that matters but how you finished. If you are destined to make it, you will make it no matter how bad the situation is. We should learn to listen more to the inside than to the outside. One can perceive evil or goodness in his heart. To perceive means to sense trouble or freedom before it happens. All the answers you are seeking for are within you. Life is not about always winning. Even losers or failures in life are loved by God.

When Job lost all his earthly wealth, God still showed that He loved him. When life does not seem to be fair to you despite all your prayers, you must be calm. That is growing up. Learning to laugh despite stormy life is the way of growing up. Every event in your life is an experience for you to grow up. Even failing or losing in life are experiences for one to grow up. Winning is not the only bus stop of champions but it is always the last bus stop. God has never used any man or woman who has never failed. Worry and anxiety cannot transform human beings into Almighty God. What does not kill one can only make him stronger. We should learn to rest and use our heart to do good to humanity. Don’t envy anyone.

The best celebrity today can become the worst criminal tomorrow. We can learn more from failure than success. Always remember that great achievements always involve great risks. Be calm and learn to use your heart.

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