Mbiri Progressive Union, an umbrella
group made up of  Mbiri indigenes  has during the week passed votes of no
confidence on Delta State Government.

to the statement made available to the press by MPU vice president, Rev. Ogboi
Ignatius. In school we were thought that democracy is the government of the
people, by the people, and for the people. Today, this definition has changed
to government of the opportunists, the lucky and the wealthy people, and to the
detriment of the common man. In August, 2011, the governor of Delta State came
to Mbiri, and made a public pronouncement that the road from Umunede to Mbiri
and that of the Mbiri Farm settlement, Mbiri, were his priority, but it is
surprising  to say that nothing has
happened since two years ago Governor Uduaghan visited Mbiri. Will he be in office
forever? The laterite that was poured on Obi road, Mbiri  has been there for almost a year. The
deplorable state of the road has coursed an accident which claimed the life of
one motorcyclist who could be a president of Nigeria tomorrow.”

The union congratulated the
transition committee chairman, Ika North East Local Government Council,

 Princess Ijenwa Okunonke on her appointment,
saying that the personality of the week interview she granted Ika Weekly two
weeks ago reminded them of the wounds of the unfulfilled promises of Governor

have made Mbiri-Umunede road as dumping site for refuse, thereby leading to
the  littering of that part of the road.
No sign post to that effect. Important personalities that go to Command
Secondary School regrets the abandonment of the road and always say that there
is no confidence in Delta State Government. These personalities prefer taking
Agbor-Olije road rather than taking the Umunede road which is closer to Mbiri.
The council chairman said they graded roads in all the wards in Ika North East
but no road was graded at Mbiri, instead those grading to roads parked at Mbiri
asking for money from Mbiri Progressive Union. The particular date this
incident happened was March 30, 2013. They left when the money was not given to
them. Did the council chairman monitor the council  project? What interest does Ika North East
Council has for Mbiri? Is Ika North East Council not fit to own a grader to
maintain our local roads and reduce the suffering of farmers who cannot speak

                The union however concluded by
asking government to live up to expectation

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