OZANOGOGO (Ika Weekly) – At least two persons have been arrested by the police and several others are being traced in connection with wanton destruction of residential buildings and other valuable property estimated at millions of naira when some irate youths went on rampage at Alisor and Alibido-Ozanogogo communities in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.


A report from Alibido-Ozanogogo said no fewer than five residential buildings had their roofs, doors and windows, tables, chairs, motorcycles, bicycles, fans, cooking utensils and some foodstuffs destroyed during the incidents.


Also affected in the array of destructions are three artisan wells, which serves as the main source of the people’s drinking water over the years as there is no functional pipe-borne water in the villages.


A confirmed source revealed that few weeks before the incident, some youths from Alisor and their Alibido counterparts clashed over the issue of girl-friendship during a public gathering, adding that after the incident, the youths in both communities had been at dagger-drawn, as they no longer visit each other as they used to do.


The source further said that the immediate cause of the wanton destruction of some houses in Alibido by their rivals was when an unsuspecting indigene of Alisor who was coming from Abuja to attend a funeral ceremony of his relation, parked his car at a point in Alibibo as he could not cross a huge flood that covered the untarred road between Alisor and Alibido and decided to trek to Alisor.


Ika Weekly gathered that although the residents of the area where the car was parked did not object to his parking the vehicle there but that immediately some youths of Alisor saw their brother trekking from Alibido direction, they became wild and querried why their brother’s car was parked in an “enemy territory” as they quickly mobilized a formidable team and attacked Alibido residents, chased them out of their residents and unleased terror on them.


It added that as the fracas was going on, some of the affected residents who fled their home ran to Agbor to report the matter to the police, and that before the police got there a lot of damage had been done to the houses and other valuable property.


The attackers, the report further said went to the extent of breaking the covered wells, carrying peoples property and hauling them into the wells of the affected premises.


Confirming the incident, the police at Agbor said some arrests have been made as investigations are in progress.

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