A young man in
his late thirties, Victor Onyeriweh on the 3rd of October, 2013, was beaten
pulp and blue by the people he recognized as members of Arobaga cult group for
refusing to accompany them to a mission.

            In an interview with newsmen, Mr.
Onyeniweh said he renounced from the cult four years ago. According to him, “I
renounced from Arobaga cult group four years ago but was surprised when the
cult members came to my house at Owa-Alero that fateful day at 10pm, demanding
that I should follow them to execute a mission. I refused to go with them
because I have since renounced my membership. My refusal to follow them made
them to give me the beaten of my life.

            He disclosed that his mother came to
his rescue when the attaclk became unbearable, saying that, the sound of his
mother’s voice made the cult boys to take to their heels.

            Mr. Onyeriweh, said a member of the
community vigilante group who came later took him to his house where he spent
the night. “The following morning, I was taken to army base”, he said

            I am no longer a member of Arobaga.
I renounce just because nothing good was coming to my way. Leave me alone,” he
begged the Arobaga cult group.

            In a related development, Mr.
Saturday, was nabbed at his home town, Otolokpo said he was not a cultist but
associates himself with friends that are cult members. He appealed to the
soldiers to have pity on him.

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