IKA WEEKLY – The people of Idumu-uku quarter in Alisimie, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area on Saturday celebrated the installation of Emmanuel Obiri as the Ogele.


The installation which was carried out by the Agbasogun of Alisimie, Chief Augustine Efewongbe and was supported by the elders of the community started in the morning and ended in the afternoon.


According to Chief Efewongbe, the Ogele is the custodian and head (prime minister) of Idumu-ogbe in Idumu-uku. He said that the position is hereditry and is restricted only to Idumu-uku.


He disclosed that the event was made more significant because that was the first time somebody is occupying the position in the past seventy (70) years.


Chief Efewonybe, who is the traditional head of the people of Alisimie, stated that the Ogele’s functions include assisting him to keep peace in Idumu-uku quarters, settling of land disputes, which may arise between some individuals, and families from time to time, and conveying final verdict on issues handled to the Agbasogun-in-council.


He revealed that another thing that made the installation remarkable was that Ogele Emmanuel Obiri has brought the office to life, as according to him, the current Ogele’s father did not occupy the position, which made it to be in a limbo for almost seventy years. He also disclosed that the Ogele’s position is strictly for the people of Idumu-uku and not the entire Alismie people.


Chief Efewongbe called on the people of Idumu-uku to extend a hand of support to the new Ogele as he discharges his traditional responsibilities as bestowed on him by the ancestors.

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