Violence in Agbor Council! Legislator attacked with hammer and beaten black and blue

Updated (Sunday 8th March 2009):

Hon. Hilary Ibude has vehemently denied that his Personal Assistant (P.A) was responsible for the attack om Hon. Eluma a councilor representing ward 9. Hon. Ibude in an interview with on Sunday the 8th of March stated that his P.A knows the consequence of attacking a legislator and would never do that. He said that, to his knowledge, his P.A was the one that was actively separating the parties. He went further to state that some Ika politicians are using some of these legislators to distabilize Ika South Local Government area. This he claimed could be the reason behind the allegation of the legislator. gathered that Hon. Ibude and Hon. Eluma met in the home of Ika South PDP Chairman Sunday morning to settle the matter. However, after the meeting, Hon. Eluma disclosed to that all he is interested in is justice. He said that he firmly believes that Hon. Ibude is behing his attack and is noth forthcoming with the truth.

Earlier reported:

It appears that the temperature in Ika South body politic has risen to an uncontrollable level with the attack on one of the legislators, Hon. Joseph Eluma who is representing ward 9 on Thursday 6th of March.


Hon. Eluma, in an interview with claimed that the attackers were cult boys led by one Ejime and that they were sent by the personal Assistant to the Chairman of Ika South Hon. Ibude. Hon. Eluma said ?the Chairman of Ika South is not happy with the impeachment of the ex speaker because he will no longer find things easy like he was used to?. Hon. Eluma was hospitalised after the attacked and was discharged on Thursday morning.


According to Hon. Eluma, the legislative arm of Ika South has been paralyzed by fear and had cancelled sittings due to fear of attack. He claimed that he did not expect to be attacked within the premises of the council when he arrived on Thursday 5th of March. The cultists attacked him in the office with hammer and other weapons. After the attack he was arrested by police on the invitation of someone in the council who reported that there was a fight instead of reporting that the council was invaded and that a legislator was attacked. The cult boys were not arrested. Hon Eluma was kept in the police station until intervention came from police headquarters in Asaba. He was taken to the Central Hospital Agbor upon his release. is currently following up reports of some legislators going into hiding for fear of attack.

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