STRANGER THAN FICTION: Two Married Women Fought Over A Lover


In what may look like a tale to
readers, just a few days ago, two married women almost stripped themselves
naked in a social wake keep in a fight to claim the rightful possession of a
young lover in the town.


The shameful incident took place
at Idumuisiogi in Ekuku-Agbor where the duo were alleged to have picked up a
quarrel relating to snatching of lover by each of them. Ika Weekly reliably
gathered that the two women who are still with their husbands, were accusing
each other of snatching a particular youngman (names withheld) who incidentally
is their secret lover.


Although, it was alleged that the
argument by the women on who first started the unwholesome relationship with
the poor youth must have lingered much secretly, the concerned women decided to
slog it out in the public during the wake-keep.


As abominable as it may look
before the dignified society, the ugly report is still brewing speculations in
town, as people?s opinions seem to be that the youngman in question might have
been using some diabolical powers to influence the women.


Sadly, that the husband to one of
the women is a public figure, teaching in one of the primary schools in the
community, while the other woman is based in Boji-Boji metropolis with her
husband who is a commercial vehicle driver.


This episode seems to be in line
with several other reported cases of married women sleeping around with boys
young enough to be their sons.

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