the elected persons are the president, Mr. Osajie F.N.C, Deputy President Mrs.
Aputu T.N., 1st Vice President, Mr. Bini J.E., third Vice President,
Chief Dr. Igumah J.I. Second Vice President, Mr. Igheghe  F.E., Secretary Mr. Okonta J.I., Assistant
Secretary, Mr. Omordia V.I. Treasurer, Pastor Utomi E.F.N., Publicity Secretary,
Mr. Onyekpe A.C., Finance Secretary, Mrs. Esewan C.O. Social Secretary Prince
Onyeagwu K., First Examiner Account Mrs. Edofiagbon E.O., second examiner Mr.
Isibor P.N.


the teachers minutes before the election, the Ika South NUT Chairman Comrade
Augustine Nkem Omeife who co-incidentally is out gone chairman of the occasion
disclosed that the service term for the successful candidate would be four
years after which another election will be conducted.


Omeife observed that BESAN which was formally recognized as Classroom Teachers
Association of Nigeria CTA came up as a child of necessity, noting that the
magnitude of progress recorded so far is worthy of commendation by all. As he
commended the founding fathers of BESAN for the giant strides, the NUT Chairman
reminded the candidates and the electorate that the exercise should not be
taken as a DO or DIE affair, taking into been cognizance of the fact that there
is nothing without an end.


assured them that what is of paramount importance to the Association is the
welfare of all teachers which is the reason for the gathering. He therefore
advised that people should think beyond embezzlement of union?s fund as he
argued that there is no amount of stolen Association money that could satisfy any
leader?s needs.


Delta State President of BESAN Com. Salami L.O.S. in his welcome speech,
explained qualities expected of anybody who is vying for leadership position.
According to him, it begins with the sacrifice of one?s time, energy, money and
life as the case may be, saying it is beyond making profit.


Salami admonished the executive members to always cooperate with the mother
union of NUT as both of them are naturally symbiotic and cannot function well
without assistance from each other while warning that COPSHON should not
equally be neglected in their decision making.


State President of BESAN cautioned that above all things, or executive is
expected to handle the association?s purse wisely as the first trust on them by
the members. Besides, he continued, leaders are expected to be wiser than the
led but the latter have to be consulted before any decision affecting their
interest is reached.


was a free and fair election that saw some members of COPSHON and other union
members present, among whom are Comrade Pat. Ojei, Com. C.A. Ojewa.


immediately after the mantle of leadership fell on him as the Ika South
President of BESAN, Com. F.N.C. Osagie thanked members for the election and
inauguration, pledging on behalf of other executive members that they will not
let the Association down in their dealings and conducts. He promised that they
are ready to play the role of servant leadership in order to ensure the
progress of the union, adding that ideas and opinions of people are welcomed.


Osagie remarked that BESAN as a pressure group under Nigeria Union of Teachers
(NUT) is a registered body which is out to address issues and demands of
primary school teachers alongside her mother union NUT. He therefore appealed
to the State Government to meet up its promise regarding the payments of 2006,
2007 promotion arrears, implementation of 2008 promotions and the payment of
the 27.5 teachers allowances to the primary school teachers.                 

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