WHO DID IT?: Man confesses to killing Late Godwin Okwudei of Ekuku-Agbor

The death of late Godwin Okwudei the National Secretary of Ekuku-Agbor Progressive Union who passed to the great beyond on the 1st of August, 2009 was occasioned after all by something beyond the eyes can see as a young man confessed to having killed the man with witchcraft power, added by two accomplices.

Late Mr. Godwin Okwudei of Isi-ogi Quarters, Ekuku-Agbor, Ekuku-Agbor?s death was long in coming as the incident for the reason for his death was something that took place some three years ago.

According to Ika Weekly source, the alleged witch said his anger was aroused when the community leaders called on residents of Isi-Ogi Quarters of Ekuku-Agbor to swear to their innocence in the face of unexplainable deaths of young boys and girls in the quarter.

It was alleged that everybody went to swear to the oath except the young man who refused to attend. Consequently, he was ostracized from the society. However, one month later, the parents and family of the Youngman went to beg the elders and chiefs of the quarter to forgive their son.

The source further said that the elders and chiefs agreed but on the condition that traditional rites be observed for the Youngman coming to swear to the oath, which was acceptable to the parents. Thereafter, the Youngman was administered the oath. It was however alleged that the Youngman source to deal with the elders and chiefs of the quarter.

Things came to a head when deaths of the elders became frequent and with a certain pattern ? a 4-day stroke that ended in death on the 4th day.

It was further gathered that when the daughter of the late man who was living in the same compound with a woman who was alleged to be the suspect?s woman friend, had a quarrel that the daughter was threatened by the Youngman and his woman friend.

Late Okwudei who did not take the threat lying low, reported the matter to the elders of the quarter. Unexpectedly, the Youngman was involved in an accident a day to the meeting, and it was therefore postponed as he was admitted in a hospital. It was in between the expired date and the new one set for the meeting that late Mr. Okwudei took ill of stroke and died on the 4th day.

Before his death, however, he was alleged to have confided to his wife that the suspect and his woman friend were the ones killing him. On his death, all accusing fingers were pointing to the Youngman and his female friend. And the Youngman was said to have owned up to the deed but later denied it.

The denial led to another round of consultations and oath taking. He, the suspect, was taken before a native doctor from where he disappeared when the youths of the quarter came to demand for the Youngman, upon which the native doctor was said to have been beaten up for allegedly letting the Youngman run away.

However, matters took a new turn when a brother to the native doctor found the suspect in Asaba and promptly arrested him. He was later transferred to the Isi-Ogi Quarters where he owned up to having killed late Mr. Godwin Okwudei through the power of witchcraft.

The suspect, it was alleged, also confessed that he achieved his goal with the aid of his woman friend and one other woman. He also said that he made a charm from somewhere in Ishan, Edo State which destroys or kills anyone who makes him to become angry, except if the person involved comes to apologize to him.

Ika Weekly gathered that the alleged man was at Dein?s palace on Sunday 9th of August and was told to come back the next Sunday which is 16th of August with the native doctor that earlier aided his escape to another place.

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