Ikaworld.com reconstitutes its board of investigative team. Invites new bloggers

Ikaworld.com is reconstituting its board of investigative team. The previous board has now been dissolved and the administrator is now asking for interested members of Ikaworld.com willing and eager to join Ikaworld.com?s investigative team to email: admin@ikaworld.com.

Due to the evolving nature of the internet and the dynamics of Ika politics and social economic constellation, the administrator of Ikaworld.com is now seriously contemplating reconstituting the investigative team annually. This will be in contrast with the earlier team that lasted several years. According to the administrator of Ikaworld.com, the main purpose is to prevent inertia or stagnation in the activities of the team.

Apart from being published online, the work of the new team will be published in Ika Weekly Newspaper which is circulated in hardcopy in Nigeria.

Currently, Ikaworld.com has interview assignments and on-going investigative projects that need to be manned by hardworking bloggers. It is expected that each member should be comfortable with interviewing both powerful and ordinary Ika persons.

The requirements for joining the team include the willingness and eagerness to report and investigate any aspect of Ika affairs. Fearlessness, fairness are a priority. Respect for the privacy of your contacts (in fact, absolute protection of your contacts) is essential. Access to internet, and mobile phone is essential. However, since members often hold conference calls weekly by Skype, it is advisable that those eager to join Ikaworld.com?s investigative team have access to Skype.

Finally it should be noted that membership of Ikaworld.com investigative team is purely voluntary and holds no financial rewards. The reward comes in the form of effecting change in Ika land.
Contact: admin@ikaworld.com

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