Nick Mormah passes away …. Burial plans … Friends speak out … "his death broke our hearts"

It is with the deepest regret that we report the passing of our dearest friend, a founding father of Ika World Foundation, the president of Agbor Men Association, UK, Mr. Nick Mormah. He passed away a couple of hours before midnight 20th of January 2010 in London after a period of illness.
This is devastating for all of us that have been previleged to have have known Nick.Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children.
More details will be published soon. will keep updating this page.UPDATED (28 February 2010):  Church and Wakekeep venue in London.CHURCH SERVICE: SACRED HEART CHURCH               QUEX ROAD KILBURN               LONDON               NW6 4PS TIME: 5:30PMWAKEKEEP:     PALM HOTEL              64-67 HENDON WAY              HENDON LONDON              NW2 29L

Agbor Men Association UK has informed of the following dates for Nick Mormah’s funeral.
12 March 2010: Church service followed by Wake-keeping. This will allow friends and well wishers in Europe and America to pay their final respects. Venue will be announced later.
22 March 2010: Nick’s body returns home to Nigeria. Kindly contact Agbor Men Association, UK, if you wish to join the entourage to Agbor.
25-28 March 2010: Burial rites at Nick’s house in Orogodo.

Friends speak out
Please use the comment link below this page to pay your respects. Your comment will be added under "Friends speak out".

From: Steve Henry [henry.steve@], 01.21.2010, 10:29am


I would like to give my sincere condolences to the family of Nick, a great man and friend will be truly missed by all. May his spirit live forever. I had the great pleasure of working with Nick at a major investment bank in the City of London and will forever cherish the times we spent together.
Nick always had a smile and time for me, no matter what issues he may have had himself. Although the work was at times very stressful, Nick made light of this by raising your spirits, giving good advice and generally being fun and knowledgeable guy to be around. He had that smile that instantly made you forget your problems. A man amongst men and a friend when needed. Nick, although our time together was short, I will remember you always. Thanks for helping me "stay focused man!" May your soul rest in eternal peace. Your friend, Steve Henry.
From: Dr. Onyeche Ifeanyi [webmaster@], 01.21.2010, 10:29am
It broke my heart. The death of Nick broke my heart. This is a man I am proud to call my friend. Where shall I start? How do I describe Nick? He loved life. Nick is generous guy who calls it as he sees it. A day out with Nick is a day never to be forgotten. The last I saw Nick in person was during Agbor Cultural Day in London late 2009. He called me weeks before the activity and without much ado I took up the task he gave me. What pains me is that he actually gave me a message to Agbor men and women present but I thought there will be time to deliver that message and I did not because of time. My other pain is that on that day I breezed in and out of London from airport to the venue and back to airport. The usual hurry. Nick wanted us to sit down as soon as the hall was cleared but I was in a hurry and we never sat. I thought we had time. I had no reason to believe that was the last time. For God’s sake Nick is about 45 years old and life was only starting. How do I describe Nick? Knowing him is a previlege.

From: Mr. Marcus Nwose.
Why is death so wicked? my phone rang at about 11.45pm only to be told that Nick died some hours ago, the only thing that came out from me was no, no in the sense that the Nick I know won’t die so young. What an unfortunate and heart breaking information. Nick, this journey you decided to embark will put you on the bossom of the lord, we mourn with the family you left behind. We will continue to beg God for his infinite mercies as you ride on your journey home. God, we give you thanks for receiving your son Nick. Nick we say good bye.

From: Echi Obue [echiobue@], 01.21.2010, 10:05pm


Echi…I still find it hard to believe that nick is gone. Just like that. dion Peter My broda Echi; its a sad news dat came from London dthis morning. In the midst of life we are in death. Jesus said "He that believeth in me shall not die but have everlasting life" our Nick Mormah is not dead; Nick has been promoted to Glory because sweet is the sleep that knows no pain. May the soul of our Nick rest in perfect peace. Nick was a kind & a gentle man to those who knew him. Agbor has lost a gem. Death is a great leveller. Death is an extension of Life. Nick RIP.

From: Uche Ntadi [blackyme2001@], 01.21.2010, 11:42pm


Nick you will be missed.

It was a great sense of loss when i heard of Nick´s death, Nick was more than just a wonderful person,he was such a kind person who will be greatly missed by all who knew him, he was a great guy and left o many wonderful memories will be cherished forever. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with his wife,kids and family.

From: Dorothy Orie Obue Bradley [echiobue@], 01.22.2010, 09:01pm


Nick was a lover of life and someone who brought smile to everyone who knew him. Ride on bros as death has no power over you any more. keep resting in the bossom of the lord almighty where there is no pain or sorrow.

From: Azuka Osunde [amosunde@], 01.24.2010, 07:28am

"Death looks for a happy home where it can turn happiness into grief to ensure that for days the household will have nothing to discuss but the blow of death" – Dele Giwa (1980) This is exactly what it hasdone has done to the family of Nick and we all who happensto know him. Death has turn our happiness after the Christmas and new year celebrations into grief and for days, months and years to come, we will have no other things to discuss other than the death of our good friend. My family and I are grieved beyond words to read of your death. I still look forward to pick up the telephone to hear you say, "O Boy, that news about me is wrong, it is was a mistaken identity, I travelled and people thought that am dead, no am still alive, I dey kampe". If the news of your death is true, we shall see again during the resurections of the death , then, we shall ask you why you decided to live so soon without a word of goodbye.

From: E J ONWUEMEZIA [JOEFE13@ MSN.COM], 01.23.2010, 06:57pm


We would like to give my sincere condolences to the family of Nick Mormah, we will miss him alot but as he says "AGBOR MEN ASSOCIATION HAVE COME TO STAY" and we will endeavour to carry on the good work that he has started. May his soul rest in peace.

From: Austins Aziken (USA) [oosken@], 01.24.2010, 09:57pm


If a man dies, shall he live again? No. The death of Nick is a big blow to Ika sons and daugthers. May his Gentle soul rest in peace. Nick, After death you will be what you were before your birth. Rest in peace.

From: HILARY AGHOLOR [], 01.25.2010, 09:56am


It’s with deep sense of sorrow that I recived the shocking news of the death of my bossom friend, brother and colleague, Mr.Nick Momah.My heart goes out to the lovely wife, Helen and the beautiful children. Nick was a fantastic guy, a true friend who was always there for everybody. I remember during the formation of Agbor Men in U.K, the efforts and zeal that he put in to make sure it was a success. Well, what can I say more. It’s still unbealievable, it’s like a nightmare that Nick could leave us just like that.We are in total shock. May his gentle and kind soul rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more.

From: Razaq Salau [], 01.25.2010, 10:01am


It is sad to hear the tragic news of Nick’s death. It was more shocken when at the time of literarily thinkin of him, I got the phone call that he had been ill. few days later he was dead. It is heart broken! I have known him for almost 14 years. He was a very good gentleman, fine character, soft spoken and respectful. He will be sadly missed. May God comfort his wife and chidren, all his close associates. Adieu Nick.

From: Stuart [stuartrfc3@], 02.23.2010, 12:36pm
pray the family and friends will find comfort in this time of distress.
I worked with Nick in IT support and found him very high spirited. He
was a kind, gentle and funny person always looking out for me. May He
Rest in Perfect Peace.From: Florence Kaliku Jallah [], 02.28.2010, 06:23am
sadly I did not know Mr. Mormah, but one day while surfing the WEB, I
stumbled onto a beautiful Agbor song … a theme song played on the AMA
of UK Website. To hear that the person responsible for the formation of
that organization is deceased breaks my heart, Where will another Mr.
Mormah be found to carry on his work of such beauty? My condolence go
out to his entire family and members of The Agbor Men Association of
UK. You should try to carry out his legacy for the betterment of all
mankind. Thank you ‘Nick’ for touching my heart even though I have
never known you in life, but when I viewed your handiwork …"part
founder of The Agbor Men’s Association of UK" I am proud to be of Agbor
descent. :- Savannah, GA, USA

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