According to Mr.
Hilary, one of the children of the chief, Mr. Ibrahim Alkari was introduced to
them by a fellow man from the Northern part of the country about 8 year ago,
and was said to be doing fine; carrying out his duties diligently and getting
used to the environment. As time went on, Ibrahim became dissatisfied with the
salary he was receiving every month and asked for an increment. Notwithstanding
the fact that it was about the time that the owner of the house was about to
travel abroad; arrangements were made for Ibrahim to be paid the new salary
increase which he accepted to be paid. However to the surprise of everyone in
the house, Mr. Ibrahim announced that he was quitting the job. Mr. Hilary
further stated that efforts were made to return Mr. Ibrahim considering his
effectiveness to the work which he was doing. But since he was bent on leaving
and insisting that he was going back to the North, Ibrahim was paid his last salary
and was allowed to leave the premises. That was about two years ago. However,
Ibrahim Alkari re-appeared in the compound early February, 2010 without
informing anyone that he was to visit. After he had finished greeting everybody
in the compound, he began to ask if he should be allowed to resume his duty
again as a security man, upon which his request was turned down by the family
on the grounds that another person has been employed to replace him. Ibrahim, Ika
Weekly gathered, left the compound that evening without being suspected
of any mischief. But two weeks later, precisely in the evening of Tuesday
February 16, 2010, Ibrarahim came to the Egbarin’s compound almost opposite
Gbenoba Grammar School, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area, where he used
to work and began to smash the windscreen of the BMW and Peugeot 505 cars and
glass windows, including some plastic chairs in the compound.


Mr. Hilary who
said he was at the gate when Mr. Ibrahim appeared that evening could not put
him under control as the man was determined to destroy whatever was around him
that moment. He added that it took the combined efforts of neighbours along the
street to get hold of the man after he had completely destroyed almost
everything in the compound, and was walking confidently away along the street,
close the Royal Court Yard Hotel. He was subsequently handed over to the police
at Agbor main station where he was immediately detained at the time of filling
this report.


Efforts made by Ika
Weekly to get response from Ibrahim’s angle proved abortive; as he kept
telling everyone around him that it was a personal matter. Chief (Mrs.) H.
Ajuebon-Egbarin who said that she was shocked by the action of the security man
also sent for Ibrahim’s kinsman from the North who introduced him to the
family. However, upon interrogation, the man said that he was aware that
Ibrahim stopped working for the family about two years ago; and was surprised
to hear that he came back to town this year; maintaining that he had never set
his eyes on Ibrahim for about two years. As at the time of filing this report
the cost of the destroyed properties in the compound was yet to be

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