One of such houses which was adversely affected by the
rainstorm is House N0 1, Ugboeze Street, off Edike Quarters, Agbor, Ika South
Local Government Area. The house which is owned by Mrs. Victoria Agblor had its
roof blown off and other part of the house adversely affected.


According to Mrs. Agholor, she was inside the building
upstairs when the stormy rain started and that before she knew what was going
on the heavy wind had lifted the roof off 
the building and deposited the entire roofing sheet on top of a bungalow
that was built  very close to the storey
building. She said that she immediately ran out of the house including the
tenants who were surprised to see what was going on. When the occupants of the
nearby bungalow saw what was happening, they also ran out of the building
scampering for cover. Mrs. Agholor who however thanked God that no life was
lost in the incident, said that the damage done by the rainstorm is too much
for her to bear alone.


Buttressing the statement earlier made by Mrs. Agholor,
one of the tenants that lives in the bungalow with his family members, Mr.
Rufus Okoro, said that he was inside the living room when the rain started, and
the children were having their supper. He said that as soon as they realized
that the roofing sheets from the main building had been deposited on top of the
house where they alive they all left what they were doing and ran out of the
house. He also thanked God that no life was lost in the incident.


A sympathizer at the scence of the mishap, Mr. Osemeke
Ifeanyi expressed shock over the damage done the storey building. He said that
it was a miracle from God that no life was lost, especially in the storey
building that was adversely affected.


Mrs. Victoria 
Agholor appealed to kind hearted individuals and organizations to come
to her aid as, according to her, she cannot bear the cost of the repairs alone.
She said that apart from the damages done to the building, household  properties belonging to her and other tenants
in the buildings have been destroyed by the rainstorm.


It could be recalled that year a similar rainfall
occoured sometime early this year, destroying properties across Ika land. It is
the hope of many people that the rains for this year will not cause so much
hardship to communities in Ika land. 

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