RE-RUN INTRIGUES IN IKA SOUTH: Is Obuh Stepping Down For Hon. Uboh?

Mr. Obuh who came second in the last PDP Ika Federal Constituency primary has been in talks with hon. Doris Uboh who came distant fourth. Last Sunday Ms. Uboh visited Mr. Obuh. Her mission, according to Obuh’s supporters, is to get Obuh to withdraw from contesting the re-run which is supposed to hold on 28th January.

Obuh’s supporters were infuriated when it became clear that he was buying Ms. Uboh’s argument that she is the candidate that Abuja prefers. Obuh was said to have stated that he will abide by the party’s decision "as a loyal party man". This supports the argument given by Okowa for not supporting Obuh’s candidacy that he is not a reps candidate as well as the suspicion by Agbor PDP members that Obuh is not a man of his own. Ms. Uboh and Mr. Obuh proceeded to have a closed door meeting the content and result of which is not known. However, no matter the outcome, Uboh and/or Obuh still have Mr. Nwokolo who won the first primary to contend with.
It would be recalled tha Mr. Nwokolo won the entire vote cast by members from Ika North East and split Ika South’s vote with Obuh and the rest. 

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