Some dark tales from this political season

There is gist moving around in Ika land about a bizarre incident that happened some weeks ago. It appears that this election period brought out the best and the worst in most of the politicians.

The story goes like this. A henchman from one of the major political parties who is based in Abuja had warned most of his hanger-ons NEVER to support one of the major contestants for the House oof assembly but it so happened that news reached him that one of his folks in his party had campaigned with the candidate. The hench was said to have driven all the way from Abuja to Ika land. He was alleged to have called the disobedient fellow who happens to be a party ward chairman to meet him in a hotel room.

The fellow was said to have been foolish enough to honour the invitation. When he arrived, the abuja based henchman lock the door and pounced on the fellow. Chairs, tables and and object in the room that is movable was used on the fellow. When he managed to escape, his faced like that of someone that has been tossed around by a cyclone or driven over by a truck. The beaten was bad enough to catch the attention of the whole town.

After giving the fellow the beating if his life the political henchman jumped into his car and drove back to Abuja. As if it never happened.

When approached to tell his side of the story, the fellow practically beg that his name or incident never be mentioned. What his eyes saw in the room was menacing enough.

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