Naturally I never would have responded to the ranting of Mr. Anthony Egun if not that he deliberately and fraudulently distorted facts in his childish write up.

I really don’t know why Mr. Anthony Egun sulked and kicked over Elder Ehikwe’s wonderful piece!

Tonnie should be kind enough to explain to the good people of Agbor kingdom how an Abavo candidate was able to defeat all seven (7) Agbor candidates in the two units located right inside the palace of the dein of agbor kingdom.

Let me quickly remind Anthony what the scores were in units 6(six) and 7 (seven) both of ward 1 located inside the Dein’s palace.

In unit 6 (six), Martin Okonta of PDP scored 131 votes, kingsley Philips of DPP scored 53 votes, Dr. Philip Okwuada of APGA scored 04 votes, Paul Ebede of Accord an indigene of ward 1 scored 18 votes, Chuks Osazuwa of ANPP another indigene of ward 1 scored 0 (Zero), Dennis Araro of Labour Party scored 0 (zero), and Tony Alika of ACN also scored 0 (zero). In unit 7 (seven) of ward 1, Martin Okonta of PDP scored 108 votes, Kingsley N. Philips of DPP scored 27 votes, Paul Ebede of Accord Party scored 22 votes, Chuks Osazuwa of ANPP scored 7 votes, Dr Philip Okwuada of APGA scored 03 (three) votes, Dennis Araro of Labour Party scored 0 (zero) votes and Tony Alika of Action Congress scored 0(zero) votes.

The biggest surprise in this result is that even Dr Philip Okwuada who has contributed so much to the upliftment of our palace over the years could be so cheated right inside the same palace!

I personally witnessed how Anthony egun and his gang busied themselves by sharing money, food, biscuits and forcing people to do multiple thumb printing in favour of PDP.

If Tonnie Egun is of the opinion that my political party did not perform and was only able to win four (4) wards, how many wards did his PDP win in that same election? Has Tony forgotten that in the DTHA election of 26th of April 2011, of the Twelve wards in Ika South L.G.A, DPP defeated the PDP in six (6) wards, DPP also defeated Dr. Philip Okwuada  of APGA in nine (9) out of the twelve wards, the same APGA that Tony’s PDP beat in only six (6) wards of the twelve wards. My party DPP beat every other political party from Accord to Labour, ANPP and the rest in twelve (12) out of twelve (12) wards. The governorship election, DPP defeated the PDP in seven out of twelve wards and went ahead to win the local government – How well does Mr. Tony Egun the “Super special Assistant,” a privileged one for that matter expect DPP to perform? Does Mr. Tony want us to remind him how his political party campaign were squandered?

INEC fraudulently placed us in 2nd position a position we are contesting in the court.

I remembered quite vividly how Mr. Anthony Egun invited me to his house just before my election and promised to mobilize votes for me as the DPP candidate and to also do the same for Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan of PDP, I responded to this gesturing by telling him that it is his freedom to vote whoever he wanted to vote for. I have witnesses that were presented in that meeting. On the election day, he ate his promise and started to rig elections against me.

In an attempt to tell us how educated he is, he delved into a topic he knows absolutely nothing about.

He lied in his write up when he claimed that I spent three months in the DTHA and further went ahead to give his reasons why Okonta Martin came back to the House of assembly.

Tony please publish to the public the court order that declared Okonta Martin like you claimed in your write up as the “authentic candidate” in the 2007 House Assembly, also kindly publish to the public the judgment that ORDERED me to vacate the DTHA as a member after I had been sworn in. The supreme court Never talked about who the authentic candidate was in its judgement; what they said was that Martin Okonta was not properly joined in the suit, and that did not stop my genuine claim of being the validly nominated candidate.

Tony go and do your research and you will know that I spent well over three months as a member of DTHA, I was sworn in on 28th of July 2010 and received my February salary in 2011.

The supposedly re-swearing in of Okonta Martin was in late December 2011, does that amount to three months?

Tony, the local government election is around the corner; please prepare to contest as chairman so that you will win in all the wards of Ika South L.G.A.

I will consider you a great man the day you will win an election as a Councillor; you tried to contest this last election with us but you were just too afraid to!!

I resigned my membership of PDP before the PDP primaries that never even held. How come a privileged special Assistant to a commissioner is not able to know those who participated in his political party’s primary election?

Tony LIED when he said that I left the PDP because I was rejected at the primaries, I did not take part in any PDP primary in 2011.

Tony’s stomach ached because elder John Ehikwe referred to Kingsley Noye Philips as a “Frontline Politician” I should have reasoned that with all the educational institutions he claimed to have attended, he should know the simple dictionary meaning of a front-line, the area where two armies face each other and fight during a war, it also means doing the most important work or the hardest work in a particular setting, in politics front-liners are mostly those who represent their political parties in a contest.

I do not wish Mr. tony Egun the bad luck of being in a Nigeria court for 3 years doing a litigation before he can be considered “great”

I have never derided the Royal Palace of the Dein of Agbor! I will not deride the palace; it is Anthony and his Alibabas that have continued to disgrace our precious palace!

Mr. Anthony Egun was so magnanimous as to tell me what my surname is or should be. My father is Mr. Agbokigboro Philip O. Agbokigboro is detually his grandfather’s name.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defined a surname as “ a name added to a given name and is part of a personal name, the last name or a family name.”

My given names by my father are Kingsley and Noye, I can chose what name from among my father’s names to add to my given name or my father can as well chose for me.

Tony, tell the world what your real names are………..

Tony and his sponsors live in glass houses and should not throw stones!

Let’s let the sleeping dog lie.

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