WHAT HAS DELTA STATE TO SHOW FOR 110.7B IN SEVEN MONTHS? – Festus Chukwuyem Okoh (Chuky Dandy)


There is no reason for any person in Delta State to celebrate considering the level of decay we are forced to face. I  am not satisfied with the Delta State in which I live today, neither am I proud of it. How I  wish this Delta State will be destroyed and another born.

There is despair where there should be hope. Groups that should inspire have rather become hinderances of social and economic growths. But why do I still write about Delta in spite? I do because people only run with what they read and understand; and if what they read has read them and exposed them enough, there is hope that one day the right spirit that makes great and enviable places shall take hold of their souls and give them no rest until their habitation becomes a places of praise. I will always speak the truth at all times no matter whose ox is gored.

It is a known fact that one of our greatest sons of Ika land owns “THIS DAY” newspaper. The authoritative newspaper in its Monday September 5, 2011 edition reported on page 45 that in the last seven months Delta State received the sum of N110.7bn.

This whooping revenue did not reflect in terms of real growth and infrastructural development. There is a saying that in every democratic system of government, transparency and accountability to the general public are the way forward no matter the level.

Few days ago, Nigerians celebrated independence anniversary. For me there is no reason for Deltans to celebrate. Are we celebrating at the moment in Delta State because our roads are in very terrible situation?, pot-holes and gullies everywhere in Ika Land?, poor state of health sector and the strike of doctors? Our towns have no drainage system and there is no effective waste management scheme. There is nothing absolutely to celebrate The educational sector is the worse of it all. Dilapidated structures and classroom blocks are begging for maintenance/refurbishment. Our teachers are working under dehumanizing conditions.

Sometimes, we ask if the government or the people in government have completely run out of ideas. But the answer is “No” but a self-perpetuated evil to undo some local government where they lost election.

I was in  great shock and wonder where are all these huge amount of money has gone to? Which of the sectors? If  states like Edo and Lagos that receive less fund from federal allocation account can develop more than Delta State, then something is fundamentally wrong.

The situation has become so bad that democratic attributes of accountability and transparency have eluded Delta State in all ramifications in the past five years or so judging by what we have on ground in terms of development, infrastructures, good roads, water and electricity.

Delta State is the only state in the Niger Delta region with huge revenue allocations that cannot properly explain to the general masses how the funds are applied. I will say more grace to Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Minister of Finance through the office of the Accountant General of Nigeria, for publishing the net revenue allocation to state governments from the federation accounts. From January to July 2011. The publication has started opening up the cankerworms and shrouded finance situation in Delta State and its local government councils.

It beats my imagination, at Onu Ika meeting held recently where the Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan said that Ika South did not vote for him and his party “PDP”. How on earth do you think that the People of Ika South will vote for him and the party that failed them?

There is no single good road in Ika South, erosion is order of the day, and electricity is the worse. The intension of the Delta State government to hand over our schools to missionaries is to further marginalize our people.

We will always, at all times rise against any bad government until our people are free from underdevelopment compared to other local government areas. I urge the Ika Kingdom to rise and equally make this clarion call to all well-meaning “Ika’s” to wake up from their slumber and fight as one for good governance. I am begging all the Ika sons and daughters, to please in any way possible help to bring development to our land. If not, the coming council election will bring more shock to them in order for people to know that we the Ika’s are not satisfied with the underdevelopment in our land, which is being perpetuated by a cabal. There is a saying that you cannot bite a child and ask the child not to cry. We the Ika’s are crying for government to come to our aids.

I know that the journey has been rough and there are still challenges ahead. I equally understood that the good people of Ika Land have the requisite enduring spirit and the “Yes” mindset. I believe in the future of Ika Land.

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressors; it must be demanded by the oppressed, so let’s stop the power against the fulfilment of our destiny today. Our great Ika Land can be better, when we have the right people in the right places doing the right thing at the right time. Together we can mend our broken walls and rebuild our land “Ika” kingdom.

It begins with you right there where you are.


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