AGBOR BOILS: Agbor people demand the Dein returns within 14 days ; Meeting holding to decide next move

Protesters at Olihe Compound in Obielihe.

A meeting is holding today, saturday 14th october 2017, at Ime-Obi in Agbor, Ika South LGA by Agbor Community Union (ACU) to discuss the absence of the Dien of Agbor, His Royal Majesty Dein Keagborekwuzi, and what to do about his continued absence from his kingdom.

The meeting which was prompted by the king’s absence from his kingdom for almost one year picked up steam earlier this week. On Monday 9th October, while other Ika kingdoms were celebrating the new yam festival, two Agbor villages erupted in protest. Ogbeisogban youths invaded Agbor palace to peacefully protest the absence of the Dein. They claimed that his absence is hindering Agbor kingdom’s progress and culture. In addition, the long festering issue of the king’s inability or unwillingness to celebrate Osiezi festival was also raised during the protest.

(Above: Ogbeisogban and Obielihe protesters in peaceful protest at Agbor palace)

Just as Ogbeisogban people were protesting, the village of Obielihe erupted. Villagers were infuriated by the absence of the chief of their village, the Olihe of Agbor, who has been absent from the village and living in Lagos for decades. More infuriating to the villagers was the attempt of the Olihe to install someone as ”Onu Olihe” (Olihe’s mouth) a title never heard of before. Such title gives the Onu Olihe the power to speak and act for the chief in his absence. The villagers told the palace to ask the Olihe to return or step down.

During Saturday’s meeting at Agbor community hall in Ime-Obi, which started at 13.00, son’s and daughters of Agbor took to the road leading to the palace and the community center carrying banners with six key demands.  Some of the protester entered the palace to register their displeasure. The demands on the banners include: 1) Return of the king with his wife and children to Agbor within 14 days. 2) Banishment of Miss. Theressa Ugbobu from the palace. 3) Assurance of no further travel of the monarch from Nigeria without written permission from Ika South council chairman. 4) Immediate enthronement of Olihe of Agbor and his final return to Agbor within 28 days. 5) Stoppage & prohibition of all forms of brutality in the palace or by her agents. 6) Immediate entreaties to all prominent Agbor sons and daughters to contribute to the development of Agbor.

Above: Agbor citizens protesting the Dein’s absence (Photo credit: Augustine Ekamagule)

It appears that the situation may have hit a stalemate even before the start of the meeting. Yesterday, 13th october 2017, gathered that one of the king’s relatives and confidants, in a closed Agbor Community Union’s Whatsapp forum, disclosed a set of conditions proposed by the Dein to Agbor people for his return. Among these demands was the demand that Agbor people buy the Dein a first class ticket to return home. The demands were immediately ridiculed by many people in the group.

Apart from the executive members of Agbor Community Union, present at the meeting today are Hon. Festus Okoh (Chuky Dandy), Joe Morgan and other prominen sons and daughters of Agbor.

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