Igbanke Now Belongs to The League

 Igbanke is a town in Orhonmwon Local Govt. with six (6) villages
independent of the other with each village headed by an Enogie (King). Igbanke
has produced men and women in (big) positions in all works of life, like
Emman Decency, Justice Olubor, Osunde, Eni, Ucheka Eluhike, Ogbomor,
Irabor Ken, Omo Disco, KOB, Ben Oghumu, Gabi Edobor, Late Benson Idahosa
etc. Igbanke is said to be the birth place of Dr.
Ogbemudia. So we had some development in his time like the Local
Library, Igbanke Grammar School, and the General Hospital. The Post office
was built by the locals with their money and donated to the government in his
time. But since he left government as a military ruler, the people of Igbanke
have been left alone to lick their wounds. I can still
remember a particular 419 carried out by a military governor of then
Bendel state, when he pleaded with all Bendelites to donate their widows
mite to develop the state. In Orhionmwon Local Government Area which Igbanke belongs
to, Chief G.I Okoh of blessed memory and Godwin Ehima (Konor
Batteries) were the highest donors to the fund and the donations were well
published in the Nigerian Observer Newspapers then. But that was
the last we heard of the donation. Up to this time no one has raised
the issue to the public and the poor citizens who  were cheated and 419ed
are still crying foul and the ex-governor is still alive and smiling
daily to the bank reaping where he did not sow. Shame on him. I can imagine
that the spirits of Okoh and Ehima will be active and giving all those
who 419ed us a restless time.But recently, good news is
beginning to come out of Igbanke and it has to do with a 18 Kilometers road
construction across Igbanke. This construction starts from Uwaya-Ake (Along Agbor-Uromi
Road) through Ake to Court Yard, from the CAC Church in Idumudin (along
Idumu-Isaba Road) to Igbanke Grammar School and from Market Square to
Omolua.Since this new development, you can only imagine
the happiness of the Igbankes and their pride when u speak with anyone
anywhere in the world. I have had the opportunity to telephone with
Igbanke people all over the world and after the usual greetings, the
next thing they want to tell you is about the road constructions going
on  in Igbanke.We the Igbanke are happy. We appreciate
little things because little things look great in our eyes and we have never had it so good. We thank Justice Olubor who made it possible as a retirement gift to all
of us.Oh death, why have you taken Ucheka Eluhike at
this time of our life? I could have imagined the music he would have
released in praise of our roads and the new joy in our lives. We
call on all concerned to make sure that the work is done according to
plan and quality and delivered on time so we can enjoy the dividend of
democracy in our life time.

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