AGBOR (Ika Weekly) – Nigerian youths, particularly Ika youths have been admonished not to abandon the pursuit of education regardless of the current state of the country.


The admonition was made by Mr. Jude Ewere Ehikwe of Agbor-Alidinma, Ika South Local Government Area in a chat with Ika Weekly on Tuesday at Agbor.


Mr. Ehikwe who is based in the United States emphasized that education remains the major key to attaining successful position, not only in Nigeria but in other places around the world, adding that it is a key to a lot of opportunities in life. He stated that with good education, one is not totally out of the door of great opportunities.


The young Ehikwe, who is a third year Bio-Chemistry student at the Chicago State University, Chicago, Illinois, disclosed that he is at present working on floating an international magazine to be called ‘WAZOBIA’ that would centre on African countries, giving information on issues that could aid Africans to improve their socio-economic standings. He said the magazine will equally be geared towards promoting ideals that could help and equip African youths to face challenges confronting them. The magazine, he revealed, will also focus on health, education, sports and entertainment.


According to the budding entrepreneur “I plan to come back to Nigeria in the future to forward the cause of the magazine and to also contribute to the creation of employment opportunities for my people”. The magazine, he said is at the promotional stage and stated that he and his partner, Mr. Jerry Njoku, are drawing up promotional events, which will be coming up either in December, 2007 or January, 2008 in the U.S.  The event, he disclosed, is to draw the attention of the people to the idea of the magazine.


Mr. Ehikwe stated that the Nigerians he encounters in the U.S. are focused, especially in the area of education, because majority of them come to  the U.S. with the purpose of being successful and taking advantage of the numerous opportunities there. He said that they are academically oriented because they are aware that in a place like the United States one needs educational qualification to succeed.


Mr. Jude Ehikwe who is in Nigeria for the burial of his late mother late Hon. Mrs. Jane Dele Osawe Ehikwe, disclosed that he is in the process of formally affiliating himself with the Ika National Association in the U.S., noting that Ika indigenes over there are doing very well.


On his impression about the administration of Alhaji Musa Umaru Yar’Adua, Mr. Ehikwe said he was impressed with the efforts made so far, adding that he has been getting positive news about the new Nigerian government and hoped that it will bring positive and enduring changes to the country’s socio-economic and political life. He however regretted that the progress currently been experienced by Nigerians did not begin much earlier than now because according to him, if it had, the country would have made tremendous strides, in terms of development.


Mr. Ehikwe urged his father to keep up the fight against filt in Boji-Boji metropolis, stressing that it is a noble thing he is doing. He called on the people to reciprocate his father’s humble contribution by meeting up with their own side of the arrangement, because according to him “I hope the people realize the importance of good sanitary environment, which is vital to human existence”.

He promised to help promote Ika Weekly amongst Ika people in the U.S. as he fully identified with Ika National Association Meanwhile, Mr. Ehikwe revealed that Ika Weekly will be part of the promotion of his proposed magazine WAZOBIA which will be on radio, television and other newspapers across Africa and the U.S. He said they have hosted a website for the magazine which is that will be fully functioning in a couple of weeks.

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