It sounds fictitious but it is real, the writer of this report was an eye witness on Sunday morning 3rd November, 2012 of the encounter between a seventeen years old boy, named Kehinde, and his aged grandmother, Mrs. Vick Osagede. Mrs. Osagede, a native of Ogbemudein quarters, Agbor, Delta State, in tears told newsmen that her daughter begged to bring Kehinde and his elder brother, Azeez to live with her in Agbor, but unfortunately the coming of Kehinde has made life   uncomfortable for her, as he flogs her everyday with a stick.


In this particular encounter which  Ika Weekly witnessed, Kehinde, after beating up his grandmother, dragged her outside, even down to the busy new Lagos/Asaba road, which is just a stone throw to the house where they live. The good samaritan who called Ika Weekly, on phone on that Sunday morning, said that he was driving in his car with his wife along the new Benin/Asba road when they saw Kehinde beating and dragging an old woman towards the Orogodo river. The good samaritan, who did not want his name to be mentioned said that when he saw what Kehinde was doing to the old woman, he was touched and had to park his car and came down with his wife to rescue the embattled aged woman, who is between the ages of 85-90 years.


He frowned at the nonchalant attitude of residents and passersby, who watched Kehinde beat up his grandmother, yet none of them stopped to save the poor old woman.


Mrs. Osagede, without mincing words said that she is tired of receiving canes from her grandchildren, particularly from Kehinde, disclosing that she is the owner of the house they are living in, yet the money the tenants pay for rent never gets to her, stating that the reason why she is not worried is that she wanted her grandchildren to be using the money to provide food, so that all of them will eat.


Mrs. Osagede told Ika Weekly that despite her effort, her grandchildren still beat her up, sometime with knives and cutlass for not providing food for them. “This is the stick Kehinde use in beating me everyday. Look at my head and legs. He used knife and cutlass to give me these marks which you are seeing,” she lamented.


The embattled old woman said that she built her house, which is situated at No. 1 Momoh Street, beside Aghakun Bridge, along the new Lagos/Asaba road, Agbor, when she was doing yam business at Ijebu-Ode. The house which is now threatened by flood from the Orogodo River has up to six rooms. Mrs. Osagede and her grand children (boys) live in one of the rooms.


When interviewed, Kehinde, stated that he did not beat up his grandmother, saying he was only telling her not to make their room look dirty. He said that they struggle each day to feed because the tenants in their house do not pay their rents. Kehinde was still talking when the chairman of landlords and landladies of the area and a tenant, who were around during the time Ika Weekly visited the house hit him simultaneously on his body, saying that he should not deny anything as they all see him everyday beat up his grandmother.


Azeez, the immediate elder brother to Kehinde, a young man of about 21 years, while stating his own side of the story said that he has warned Kehinde not to be beating Iya Apa (grandmother) again. He said he is an electrician by profession and has been ensuring that Iya Apa is well taking care of, but Kehinde always beat her up wheneverhe (Azeez) is not around.      

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