She Is Not Committed Anymore

Dear Teresa

My girlfriend is using style to sack me. She doesn’t want to come out in the open to say, “go way”. So, she is using small, small, tricks to sack me, and think I will not understand her game plan. On four recent occasions now, I have met one particular man in her house. Each time I come, she will introduce me as her boyfriend and will just introduce the man as a friend and the man will quietly get up and go. Each time, I always had a feeling that both of them were playing game. But each time I confront her, she will say there is nothing between them. A few other times, if I hold her for some romance, she will begin to complain of not being well and things like that so as to put me off. These are some of her tricks but I am still sticking to her because I love her, and for me, a relationship that is going for 3 years is not something you just throw away like that. But she is disgracing me too much and I think I want to retaliate just once and then I will move on.


Johnbull Okorlie                                                             





Dear Johnbull


A girl’s life is like a flower, beautiful and attractive in the morning but withers and fades away by the evening. So, 3 years is a long time for a girl to be in a relationship without being sure of her tomorrow. If your girlfriend’s love for you is dying, it is because there is no commitment on your part. You have not told her what you want from the relationship. So, your girlfriend is running up so that jealousy can make you propose to her. If you love her, this is the time to commit yourself to the relationship, otherwise, give her a breathing space by moving on now.

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