Just like I said last week, the healing or therapeutic power of honey is immense and was discovered and used by natural medicine practitioners from centuries past. Even now honey is undergoing more scientific scrutiny because its healing powers are being discovered daily. I know more than two hundred and fifty ways honey can be used as a remedy to the health need of man. For this publication I will take those I feel will benefit many people as I will write on common ailments.


(1) ALLERGIES: – These are the abnormal reaction of tissues when exposed to antigen or allergin. This simply means the reaction of the body to what it does not like or accept. These could be substances or conditions like dust, cosmetics, animal hairs, cotton wood, foot mat, vaccines, cold, heat as well as variety of food. For allergy, mix two tablespoonful of vinegar with 3 tablespoonful of honey into half glass of warm water. Drink the mixture twice daily before meals. If you don’t have vinegar then use one tablespoon of raw honey (honey that is not filtered) thrice daily until symptoms disappear. Honey has been found to have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant properties as well as an immune system builder and has the capacity to regenerate the cells when attacked.


(2) WOUNDS SORES- Honey has been an excellent remedy for the healing of sores and wounds no matter how septic. The result is always outstanding. This is also good for skin rashes and skin burns either by fire or sun.


(3) ANAEMIA: – This is a condition where a patient has less than the normal number of red blood corpuscles or an abnormally low amount of hemoglobin. This condition is commonly referred to as “shortage of blood” Honey is known to help in the maintenance of the right balance of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Because of its high mineral content, honey is a choice product for the treatment of anemia. It is beneficial to the bone because of its high calcium and phosphorus content. One tablespoonful of honey morning and evening will do a great job here.


(4) LOSS OF APPETITE: – When a patient losses the desire to eat, you know that his digestive system is in trouble especially when the patient is not suffering from any emotional or traumatic condition such as stress, depression or trauma. One glass of grape juice mix with tablespoonful of honey taken 2 spoons thrice daily will restore the lost appetite, stimulate and activate the digestive process and enhance bowel movement.


(5) BED WETTING: – For any child who wet his or her bed at night, give a teaspoonful of honey before going to bed. This will help stop bed-wetting in the child.


(6) GOOD VOICE: – For dry or crack throat, three tablespoonful of honey in one glass of warm water taken twice daily will enhance the voice. If this is taken before singing, the voice will be fantastic.


(7) ASTHMA: – This is a serious disease of the chest and respiration caused by the spasm of the bronchi, swelling of the mucous lining of the lungs, excessive production of thick and viscous mucous. An asthmatic attack comes with the patient fighting for breath, wheezing and coughing. A tablespoonful of honey in half glass of warm water taken thrice daily until symptom disappear. One table spoonful of raw “honey taking twice daily will dismiss the asthma caused by allergy.


(8) HONEY AS ANTICEPTIC: – Honey is a very good remedy for the treatment of diarrhea especially the one caused by salmonella. It contains some substances that have been found to destroy most bacteria including the dreaded staphylococcus aureus and the diphtheria bacillus. A mixture of honey, garlic and onions is very good. Powdered nutmeg mixed with honey will also handle diarrhea. The intake of honey will greatly help those suffering from gastric ulcer.


(9) COUGH AND COLD: – Cough is one disease that honey have always handled with easy. The problem some times is that people are not willing to do proper diagnosis for the type of cough they have. Just a tablespoon of honey twice daily is a known remedy for ordinary cough. When the symptom persists beyond one week, a proper diagnosis should be done. A mixture of seven pieces of (Garcina kola) bitter kola, two bulbs of garlic, four bulbs of onions, five pieces of ginger all ground into powder and mixed in a 50cl bottle of honey. The dosage is 3 tablespoons thrice daily for adult, while children will take a tablespoonful 3 times daily. This has no respect for any kind of cough. This dosage if taken in half glass of warm water will also deal with your cold.


(10) INSTANT ENERGY: – Honey is a tonic that gives instant energy and stamina. The body digests and assimilates it with ease. Athletes and sports men use honey to speedily replenish their lost energy, and it gives them a long lasting stamina. For those who are always feeling weak and lacking stamina, two table spoon of honey in water especially at night will not only restore your required energy and vitality but it will also make you sleeplike a baby and wake up very strong and energetic.


(11) ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: – This is the inability of a male to achieve and maintain an erection long enough that is adequate for a normal penetration and ejaculation. This is commonly referred to as impotence. Honey has been readily used as a remedy for this “painful” situation. Honey is an aphrodisiac, which also enhances virility in sexual activities. It has also been found to enhance male fertility. It increases the production of sperm, rejuvenates and energizes sexual glands and improves male hormone. Honey is very rich in zinc, which is very necessary for a male sexuality and healthy reproductive system. Two tablespoonful of honey in half glass of warm water increases male libido and remedy weak erection.

For the treatment of impotence, grind three bulbs of onions, extract the juice and mix with 35cl honey, take 2 tablespoon twice daily. This will improve the sex drive greatly.


RHEUMATISM AND ARTHRITIS: – Honey contains malic acid which is known to counteract rheumatism and gout. Honey is used both as curative and preventive product in the management of rheumatism and arthritis. Mixed with cinnamon powder into a paste, it is used to massage any painful part of the body especially arthritic or joint pain.


FOR LONGLIFE: – Use honey in your herbal teas like mistletoe, small flowered willow, stinging Nettle etc. This will slow down the ravaging aging process, keep your skin fresh and soft.


WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: – Honey and lemon taken 30 mins before breakfast and at night before going to bed reduces the weight of even the very obese person. A regular in take of this product makes accumulation of fats in the body difficult no matter the type of food the patient now takes.


MYRRH: This highly prized product of the biblical times, one of the gifts the three wise men gave to our Lord Jesus Christ is a property of honey.


It heals, repairs and also protects the body from disease attacks. In other words, myrrh prevents the spread of diseases in the body. 


STRESS: stress increases the hormones like adrenaline and corticosleroids in our body, thereby causing our neuroimmune system to work extra hard to correct the in balance such inflock of chemicals cause to our health. Honey is an excellent remedy to this life-threatening situation. A tablespoonful of honey in warm water will immediately calm your stress whether physical or mental.


HEART DISEASE: A daily intake of mistletoe with honey will reduce your cholesterol level and save you from heart attack. You get the same if you take honey mixed with lemon juice or if you apply honey to your WHOLE WHEAT BREAD. If this is taken regularly, it will revive a stroke patient. Honey is an excellent food for the heart, tablespoonful mixed in a glass of water will relieve you of that palpitation of the heart.


Like I said at the beginning of this write up, there are more than 200 different uses of honey for healing, space therefore will not allow me to put that much. But we should know that honey is an all round healer. Honey is very good in the treatment and management of the following; Sore throat, kidney problem, sleeplessness, liver problem, memory loss, Hair loss, conjunctivitis and cataract, Migraine, indigestion, Hair conditioner, nasal congestion, food preservation, stomach upset, Toothache, Influenza, Pimples, skin infection, Bad Breath, hearing Problem, Infertility and a host of other diseases.

Please note that every “honey” they carry about is not honey. When I talk about honey, I am talking about PURE AND NATURAL HONEY. This type of honey good wheat bread can be bought at ST PATRICKS CATHOLIC CHURCH, IMEOBI, AGBOR or at IKA WEEKLY OFFICE, opposite Mary mount college, Agbor. You can call or visit yours sincerely if you need any further explanation on honey or any other natural medicine matter.


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