Weekly, which focuses on community journalism, reporting events in Ikaland has
continued to bring such ugly occurrences to the reading public. There has been
countless reporting of women murdered in cold blood in their farms. Recently,
there was a story of a woman hacked to death. The said lady, late Mrs. Esther
Nwacheni and her husband were reported to have gone to the farm to uproot
cassava tubers. The husband who was said to have conveyed some of the cassava
tubers home, came back only to meet the lifeless body of his wife, whom he left
a moment before.


was also the report of the killing of an elderly woman in Owa-Ofie some mouths
ago and her corpse dumped at the back of her house. Just last week, Ika Weekly
carried the lamentable story of the brutal murder of one Mr. Emeka Ewiwile at
Agbor-nta. The late Ewiwile was butchered to death by his own younger sibling
while he was asleep in the same room with him.


have been other numerous sad incidents of such magnitude, which have continued
to elicit the question of why there should be a prevalent of such dastardly
acts, in Ikaland which is noted for its peaceful atmosphere.


big question now is, what are our revered traditional rulers, the security
agents and the entire people of the area doing to stop these evils from
overwhelming the whole place. We cannot allow human scavengers to completely
take over our land.


There is also the question of the role of the police and other security
agencies in relation to the protection of lives of the people. The police
authorities in Ikaland should device means of checking these things. The paper
quite appreciate the immense challenge of policing a place, especially rural
communities but we are imploring them to do their best to seeing to it that
these evil trend is curbed to its barest minimum on the past of the inhabitant,
we suggest that we be our brothers keepers for by being so, we will be able to
report strange reactions and possibly strange faces as it has always been said
that the perpetrators of these bunions crimes one human beings living among

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