Mr. Jacob Bomonye, a resident in Ika North East Local
Government Area said that there have not been enough improvement in the lives
of the people as the health care system is at the verge of collapse. He
therefore encouraged media houses, health officials and most especially members
of the legislative house of which the chairman is of paramount essence, to help
provide and create awareness on health care for its people.


One Miss Irene stated that no matter what some critics
might say, the chairman has achieved a lot in just one year and she went on to
state that the people should endeavour to pray for the chairman’s good
leadership, as well as wishing him well throughout his tenure.


Mrs. N. Victoria said that the security measures meted
out in the Ika North East Local Government Area has so far been effective in
curbing crimes and related issues, she added that, the duty of keeping the
constituency great in all direction of life lies in the members of the
legislative arm of government in the entire Ika land and not just, on the
Chairmen alone. 


Isioma Onyekpe, a trader at the Aliagwai market said
that the present Ika South Local Government Chairman has done well in terms of
road rehabilitation in the area. She stated however that some of the problems
confronting people in the area include inadequate power supply, and lack of
empowerment for unemployed youths in the area. Isioma Onyekpe who stated that a
lot of teenagers and young adults who have learnt one form of trade or a
skilled labour, have no one to give them money to start their own businesses,
which has resulted in many of the youths putting their hands in criminal
activities. She therefore called on the Local Government to make plans for
skilled workers who have been able to train themselves in any business within
the community and empower them accordingly. She rated the Local Government 55
per cent.


Mr. Mike Amaechi, a businessman told Ika Weekly that
Hon. Hilary Ibude has performed creditably well and described him as the
chairman with a difference. ?In view of the past Chairmen, he has done so much.
Given more years in the office, he will do extremely well. We encourage him to
do more,? he said. Mr. Amaechi pointed out the rehabilitation of some streets
in the metropolis, reconstruction of drainage systems along some of the roads
and skill acquisition projects as some of the work that have been done so far
in the Agbor metropolis. He posited that electricity supply which is the very
important for the economic development of the area, has been very elusive
recently. He urged the council chairman to work with the appropriate channel in
order to stabilize power supply to the people. If there is adequate power
supply, Mr. Amaechi said that there will bring employment for the people as
more individuals and organizations will want to do businesses in the area, and
that the rate of armed robbery incidence will also reduce. He asked that the
council boss works with those who are concerned with the dredging of the Orogodo River, so that the present ugly
situation at the side of the bridge will be reduced, and that it will be a good
legacy on the part of the Chairman if the river is dredged during his tenure.
He also stated that the chairman should prevail on the contractors handling
most of the roads in Agbor metropolis, to improve in the quality of their work.
He used the opportunity to thank the Dein of Agbor Kingdom, Obi Keagborekuzi I,
for playing some pivotal roles in seeing that there is development in his
domain. When asked to score the Hon. Hilary Ibude led administration in term of
performance, Mr. Amaechi said he will score him 60 per cent for the time being.


Rose Igben, a hair dresser and ex-student of College of Education, Agbor, said that the council
has performed so well in the area of road rehabilitation and refurbishing of
the health centres in the area. She stated that the number of health facilities
in the community and villages within the council, have increased and that
nursing mothers and children, including sick persons can go to these clinics to
receive medical attention at reduced rate. She however urged the Local
Government Chairman to prevail on the authorities concerned to allow intra city
buses to run within the Agbor metropolis, saying that many years back, buses
were allowed to run within the town at reduced fares, and that it will help
reduce the stress associated with non availability of commercial motorcyclists
in the night.


The hair dresser also urged the chairman to look into
the area of traffic lights in Orogodo town, and do something about it. ?Look at
the traffic light at the junction close to Mobile Filling Station. People just
call that place Traffic Light Junction, but there is nothing to show that there
is traffic light there. In Sapele for instance, the traffic light there is
functioning and people are obeying traffic rules. There are very busy spots
along the old Lagos-Asaba Road
where traffic lights can be erected in order to avoid vehicle accidents and
problems of school children crossing the roads. Both sides of the Local
Government can work with other authorities concerned to ensure that there are
traffic lights on busy spots in the town,? she said, as she gave the present
administration a 60 per cent score since inception.


While the two local government areas in Ika land are
counting their loses, and gains, failures and successes within these past 365
days in office, it is the hope of the average Ika man, both within and outside
the community, that more progress and development within the area will be
witnessed before their tenure runs out.                      

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