an Anglican who was devoted to the things of God while alive, a mass was
conducted in his honour at St. Peter?s Anglican Church, Okobi Street,
Boji-Boji, Owa by Rt. Rev Dr. P.I. Onekpe (JP).


Ephriam Melekwe will be best remembered for the championing of peace in his
community, a gentleman, a man of principle, an embodiment of integrity and an
epitome of service to mankind. He also facilitated employment opportunities to
many persons.


on behalf of the family, Dr. Obi Melekwe, the first son of the deceased thanked
and sincerely expressed the families gratitude to all for their wonderful
support before and during the funeral activities of their beloved father, and
prayed God in his infinite mercies to meet them at their point of needs.


late father was a very reserved person, who did not believe in being loud but
did his things quietly. He was kind to a fault, a man that did not give you
fish; but taught you how to fish. He was the best daddy any child could have
asked for. He will always live in our hearts because he gave us his children
the opportunity of education without limits,? he eulogized


his death, late Chief Melekwe was a devout follower of the Christian faith. He
served as chairman and secretary to different committees. He worked in various
capacities in different locations until he retired in April 1990 as an
Assistant Chief Executive Officer from the Unified Local Government Services.
He was later re-appointed Deputy Secretary to the Local Government Education
Authority, Owa-Oyibu in 1991, where he served for three years. He inaugurated
the Tete Street Landlords Associations in Boji-Boji, Owa and was chairman of
that body for several years. His unique style of leadership is one that can
change nations for the better.


occasion attracted dignitaries from all walks of life, Chiefs, friends and well
wishers both at home and abroad. 

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