that he has not been given any notice to evacuate the office by either state or
federal levels of the PDP, Mr. Ebeye in a chat in Ika Weekly office on 20th
August 2009, said that the swear-in was not only a farce but lacks all the
trappings that go along with such occasion. He also stated categorically that
he has not breached the party?s constitution in anyway to warrant his
unceremonious removal.


Ebeye who further said that his group won the whole structure in the LGA,
adding that he was advised that it should not be a winners take all, which
culminated in the harmonization agreement.


to him, every group was represented in the meeting. He said that Cairo?s group
was represented by the now speaker of DTHA Rt. Hon. Martin Okonta, Obuh?s group
by Hon. Ben Obuh himself, while Chief Akpenyi, Hon, Engr. Doris Uboh and his
(Ebeye) groups were represented by themselves in person and the executive  chairman of the LGA Hon. Hilary Ibude. Noting
that the outcome of the meeting, which was an agreed and harmonized list, was
duly signed by all parties involved, he stated that the list was then taken to
the state chairman of PDP, Barr. Peter Nwaoboshi who also signed the document.


Ebeye disclosed however that another list was allegedly prepared by Rt. Hon.
Martin Okonta since a year ago which has plunged the party leadership of the
LGA into a crisis  and to avoid a state
of anarchy, a PDP member took the matter of the attempts to oust Mr. James
Ebeye from office.


the issue of alleged destruction of chairs, tables and canopies by his supporters,
Mr. Ebeye said that no destruction of property took place. He, however, said
that his office was being used illegally, and therefore was constrained to stop
the alleged abuse, pointing out that the canopies and chairs were packed and
put in a corner ?I am the only one that can call  PDP?s meetings in the LGA to the extent of my


on the statement credited to Hon. John Nwagimeje on the change of name before
the party?s 2009 convention, Mr. Ebeye outrightly debunked such an insinuation,
saying that he contested the chairmanship position with Sir Jimmy Okolie and
Sir Nwandimeje but floored them both. He added that Hon. Nwagimeje does not
know what he was saying. He said  ?it is
expected that a competitive position will attract competitors, that is why
three of us contested. And in such an event there is always a winner and I
happened to be the winner and was duly sworn-in by the authority concerned and
if Hon Nwagimeje was not satisfied, that he should have taken up the matter in
any legal way, but instead he works with me today,? Mr. Ebeye explained.


the efforts made so far to bring peace to the LGA, Mr. Ebeye said, ?the people
will tell you I am the best, for I tried to bring all the factions together in
one fold. Our problem is the speaker. He is the one looking for structure. He
was the one that bought the car and everything for Ulebor? and until he stops
doing this, peace will not come to the LGA.?


to the question of the eventuality of Hon. Ulebor being sworn-in, he said that
it is not possible for such eventuality to be as according to him he came
through the congress and will also leave through the congress. He also said
that Hon. Ulebor only ran for the house of representative but had to step down
for Hon. Engr. Doris Uboh and wondered why the sudden interest in the PDP
chairmanship position in Ika South. ?It is for selfish interest,? he concluded,


James Ebeye, meanwhile, has advised party faithful to stand firm and work with
him as the incumbent chairman, recognized both at the stat and federal levels.
He urged them to always attend meetings at the LGA?S PDP secretariat as

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