to a reliable eye witness account (Name withheld) it was gathered that the man,
about 35 years old, who is a welder by profession and owns a shop along old
Abraka Road, had been getting very familiar with the woman for some months.
This was as a result of her shop also being very close to the welder’s shop.
Owing to the regular patronage of the welder to the woman on daily basis at her
shop along old Abraka road, it was said that the woman began to yield to the
welder’s love advances. The woman, it was learnt, decided to give into his
request when she told him that her husband, who used to go to a village in Edo
State on weekly basis for farming would be leaving for his usual trip during
the Christmas period; and would not be back until the new year. It was alleged
that the woman also planned to take their five children to the village for the
yuletide, thereby leaving her alone in the house.


of the residents of the building which is situated between Ounyeachelem and
Obaigbena streets where the incident took place, said that prior to Thursday,
December 31, 2009; as soon as the husband of the woman traveled to Edo State
about a week earlier for his usual farming work they began to notice the
presence of a man in the man’s room. The strange face, it was gathered, would
appear at about 8.00pm in the evening. When he was greeted by neighbours in the
compound, the man would always reply them in Ukwuani dialect; thereby making
the woman’s neighbours to believe that he was a relative of the family who hail
from Ndokwa. It was alleged that the woman would sometimes take water to the
bathroom for the man to take his bath, after which both of them would remain in
the two-room apartment till the early hours of the following day.


however ran out of the secret lovers in the early hours of Thursday, December
31, 2009 when the loverboy appeared the previous right at about 8.00pm and
began to greet the tenants in Ukwuani dialect. As soon as he had finished
taking his bath and had gone in for his sex marathon with the wife of the
farmer, tenants in the compound began to meet secretly on how to expose the two
lovebirds. The men in the compound decided to confront the man when he would be
coming out of the house the next morning.


that was what they did. As soon as it was 5.00am on December 31, 2009, as the
man was trying to step out of the door which the woman was opening for him to
move out, he was accosted by youths in the compound who demanded to know what
he was doing in the room of another woman, whose husband was not at home. As he
began to speak in his usual Ukwuani dialect they descended on him and asked him
to speak out. The woman too, was brought out of the room for her own side of
the story in which both of them agreed that they have been having sex together
in the room every night for the past one week.


man was later taken to the N’Owa rim ma office, where he was recognized by
someone that he (Welder) was a native of Owa-Oyibu and not from Kwale as he was
pretending to be. After it has been fully established with the assistance of
the welder, that he was from Owa-oyibu, and that he truly had sexual
intercourse with the woman, he was kept in the association’s custody until they
sent for the husband of the woman from Edo State. On arrival from the farm, the
man was made to see the welder who had been caught sleeping with his wife in
his absence. The farmer thereby decided to go to their village and summon the
elders and family members there, in order for him to know the next line of
action to take on the matter.


as at the time of filing this report, the welder loverboy has been taken to the
Owa-Oyibu palace for further investigation.                 

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